Assessing the Safety of a Replacement Chemical: Nongenomic Activity of Bisphenol S



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Assessing the Safety of a Replacement Chemical: Nongenomic Activity of Bisphenol S

Suspected links between bisphenol A (BPA) and adverse human health effects have spurred a search for replacement chemicals for use in common applications such as polycarbonate plastics, food can linings, and thermal papers. Bisphenol S (BPS) has been adopted for some uses. A new study now shows that low doses of BPS can disrupt nongenomic signaling pathways in cultured pituitary cells [EHP 121(...

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comparison of catalytic activity of heteropoly compounds in the synthesis of bis(indolyl)alkanes.

heteropoly acids (hpa) and their salts have advantages as catalysts which make them both economically and environmentally attractive, strong br?nsted acidity, exhibiting fast reversible multi-electron redox transformations under rather mild conditions, very high solubility in polar solvents, fairly high thermal stability in the solid states, and efficient oxidizing ability, so that they are imp...

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the effect of consciousness raising (c-r) on the reduction of translational errors: a case study

در دوره های آموزش ترجمه استادان بیشتر سعی دارند دانشجویان را با انواع متون آشنا سازند، درحالی که کمتر به خطاهای مکرر آنان در متن ترجمه شده می پردازند. اهمیت تحقیق حاضر مبنی بر ارتکاب مکرر خطاهای ترجمانی حتی بعد از گذراندن دوره های تخصصی ترجمه از سوی دانشجویان است. هدف از آن تاکید بر خطاهای رایج میان دانشجویان مترجمی و کاهش این خطاها با افزایش آگاهی و هوشیاری دانشجویان از بروز آنها است.از آنجا ک...

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wuthering heights and the concept of marality/a sociological study of the novel

to discuss my point, i have collected quite a number of articles, anthologies, and books about "wuthering heights" applying various ideas and theories to this fantastic story. hence, i have come to believe that gadamer and jauss are rightful when they claim that "the individaul human mind is the center and origin of all meaning," 3 that reading literature is a reader-oriented activity, that it ...

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عنوان ژورنال: Environmental Health Perspectives

سال: 2013

ISSN: 0091-6765,1552-9924

DOI: 10.1289/ehp.121-a97