Bacterial Diseases Affecting Egg Production of Laying Hens



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Factors Affecting Quality and Quantity of Egg Production in Laying Hens: A Review

Egg shell quality and egg internal quality are of major importance to the egg industry worldwide. This review covers the formation of the hen’s egg and ways of measuring egg shell quality and egg internal quality. Egg shell quality may be measured as egg size, egg specific gravity and shell color, shell breaking strength, shell deformation (destructive or non-destructive), shell weight, percent...

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Effects of laying hens housing system on laying performance, egg quality characteristics, and egg microbial contamination

The objective of this study was to compare the performance, egg quality, and microbial contamination of egg shells from hens maintained in different housing systems, such as conventional and enriched cages, litter, and aviaries. The housing system significantly (P < 0.001) influenced the performance characteristics. The highest egg production, lowest daily feed consumption, and feed conversion ...

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Bacterial shell contamination in the egg handling chains of different housing systems for laying hens

The bacterial eggshell contamination of shell eggs in different commercial housing systems; two conventional cages, one organic aviary system and one barn production, were compared. The total counts of aerobic bacteria and the total counts of Gramnegative bacteria on the shell were used to detect key points where contamination occurred and to study the progress of contamination in the egg handl...

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dietary factors affecting egg cholesterol content in laying hens

this trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of different dietary factors that affect egg cholesterol concentration in laying hens of 56 to 70 weeks of age. three hundred and ninety six hy-line w36 laying hens were subjected to 11 experimental treatments, each treatment consisting of 4 replicates, each replicate of 9 hens. dietary treatments included the control, made up of corn plus soy me...

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Effects of Dietary Marine Algae (Spirulina platensis) on Egg Quality and Production Performance of Laying Hens

In this experiment, a total of 128 Hy-line W36 hens at 63 weeks of age were used. The hens were put at random into 4 treatment groups (4 replicates and 32 hens per treatment) and were fed four different diets: three diets with different levels of Spirulina (1.5, 2.0 and 2.5%) and one control group based on wheat and soybean meal. All birds were housed in commercial cages, had ad libitum access ...

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عنوان ژورنال: Journal of Dairy & Veterinary Sciences

سال: 2019

ISSN: 2573-2196

DOI: 10.19080/jdvs.2019.11.555814