Beet Sugar as Candy Ingredient (2)


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Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.).

Creating transgenic plants is invaluable for the genetic analysis of sugar beet and will be increasingly important as sugar beet genomic technologies progress. A protocol for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of sugar beet is described in this chapter. Our protocol is optimized for a sugar beet genotype that performs exceptionally well in tissue culture, including the steps of dedifferentia...

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Sodium and rubidium as possible nutrients for sugar beet plants.

This study concerned the degree to which Na or Rb could substitute for K in the growth of sugar beet plants when K in the culture solution was low (1 meq/liter) or high (12 meq/liter).Sodium at high concentrations increased the growth of plants in a basal nutrient medium when either deficient in K or when adequately supplied with K alone. Redistribution of K from petioles to blades could not fu...

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Improvement of the Sugar Beet

SUGARCANE and sugar beet are the important sources of sugar. This foodstuff, wldcli today is one of the purest and cheapest in our dietary, two centuries ago was a luxury available only to the rich. The story of the rise of sugar production to meet an ever-increasing demand is a romance of agriculture and chemistry. The accomplishments of the plant breeder and the chemical engineer in making th...

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Sugar transport in conducting elements of sugar beet leaves.

Autoradiography was used to determine the distribution of labeled sugar in conducting elements of the blade and petiole of sugar beet leaves at intervals ranging from 5 sec to 24 hr. The processes of assimilation by the green cells, collection of sugar in the minor veins and export in phloem elements were demonstrated visually. It appears that in minor veins sugar is translocated in companion c...

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Interactions Between Beet necrotic yellow vein virus and Beet soilborne mosaic virus in Sugar Beet

Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYVV) and Beet soilborne mosaic virus (BSBMV) are members of the genus Benyvirus (9). Both viruses infect members of the family Chenopodiaceae, most notably sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.), and are transmitted by the plasmodiophorid, Polymyxa betae (1,2). BNYVV infection causes rhizomania disease in sugar beet (4,21); however, BSBMV infection does not (28). BSBMV...

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Year: 1968

ISSN: 0029-0394

DOI: 10.3136/nskkk1962.15.210