Characterization of two Indian native chicken breeds for production, egg and semen quality, and welfare traits


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Study of Dopamine Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Their Association with Growth and Egg Production Traits in West Azerbaijan Native Chicken

The objective of this study was to search for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)-type polymorphisms in the dopamine D1 receptor in West Azerbaijani native chicken and look for their association with egg production and body weight traits of chickens by polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism (PCR-SSCP). For this purpose 180 blood samples were taken from nativ...

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Polymorphisms of prolactin gene in a native chicken population and its association with egg production

The induction and regulation of broodiness is of the most important role of prolactin in avian species.The promoter region of the prolactin gene is an appropriate model for studying tissue-specific andhormonally-regulated activation of gene transcription. In this study, the association between prolactinpromoter region alleles and egg production in Fars native chickens was investigated. In total...

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Evaluation of egg quality traits among different breeds/strains of chicken locally available in Pakistan

Appreciated for their versatile nutritive value and functional properties, eggs are considered as an important item in human diet. Eggs are one of the most common foods available worldwide as they play an important role in human diet by providing humans with protein, lipids, minerals and vitamins in an adequate amount. Chicken breeds differ in physical and biochemical contents in terms of eggs ...

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Estimation of Phenotypic and Genetic Parameters of Egg Quality Traits of Azerbaijan Native Hens

The egg quality is one of the most important economic factors for layers that are crucial for hatchability and marketing. Given the low number of egg quality traits records, one of the approaches in estimating phenotypic and genetic parameters is multi trait analysis. The aim of this study was to estimate the phenotypic and genetic parameters of west Azerbaijan native hens egg quality traits by...

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patterns and variations in native and non-native interlanguage pragmatic rating: effects of rater training, intercultural proficiency, and self-assessment

although there are studies on pragmatic assessment, to date, literature has been almost silent about native and non-native english raters’ criteria for the assessment of efl learners’ pragmatic performance. focusing on this topic, this study pursued four purposes. the first one was to find criteria for rating the speech acts of apology and refusal in l2 by native and non-native english teachers...

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عنوان ژورنال: Poultry Science

سال: 2011

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps.2010-01013