Comparison of shell bacteria from unwashed and washed table eggs harvested from caged laying hens and cage-free floor-housed laying hens


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Comparative gonadotrophic potency of anterior pituitaries from cocks, laying hens and non-laying hens in molt.

A bulk of studies on the assay of gonadotrophic hormone content of the anterior pituitary from the animals in various reproductive conditions has been done. Riley and Fraps(1942b) assayed pituitary glands from chickens in various reproductive stages, judging the gonadotrophic potency by the increment of uterine weights of immature mice, and concluded that glands from non-laying hens produced a ...

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Evaluation of Two Laying Systems (Floor vs. Cage) on Egg Production, Quality and Safety

A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of two laying systems (floor versus cage) on egg production, egg quality, and microbial safety. One hundred and eighty 42 wk old laying hens were separated into two groups of 90 hens each, and housed in laying cages and a floor laying system. Eggs from the hens were collected for 2 weeks, and hen-day egg production, egg quality (whole egg, albumen, ...

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S83 Egg Shell Colour in Free Range Laying Hens

Loss of shell colour in brown-egg layers is a shell quality issue in Australia and is periodically associated with free range egg production. This study investigated the loss of shell colour that occurs in some flocks of free range laying hens. Hens laying pale-coloured egg shells on a commercial free range farm were transferred to cages in an experimental facility. Egg quality was measured imm...

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Identification of Enterobacteriaceae from washed and unwashed commercial shell eggs.

To evaluate the effect of processing on the safety and quality of retail shell eggs, a storage study was conducted with unwashed and commercially washed eggs. This work demonstrated that commercial processing decreased microbial contamination of eggshells. To know which species persisted during storage on washed or unwashed eggs, Enterobacteriaceae isolates were selected and identified biochemi...

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Genetic effects of aging on fitness and nonfitness traits in laying hens housed three per cage.

Three White Leghorn strains, their two-way crosses, and two commercial lines were used to study the effects of aging on several parameters related to performance of fitness and nonfitness traits during the first laying cycle of hens housed three per cage. Egg number of the survivors (EPF) and egg number including mortality and morbidity (EPM) were divided into 12 periods of 28 d each, starting ...

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عنوان ژورنال: Poultry Science

سال: 2011

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps.2010-01115