Developmental neurotoxicity of low concentrations of bisphenol A and S exposure in zebrafish


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Low-dose exposure to bisphenol A and replacement bisphenol S induces precocious hypothalamic neurogenesis in embryonic zebrafish.

Bisphenol A (BPA), a ubiquitous endocrine disruptor that is present in many household products, has been linked to obesity, cancer, and, most relevant here, childhood neurological disorders such as anxiety and hyperactivity. However, how BPA exposure translates into these neurodevelopmental disorders remains poorly understood. Here, we used zebrafish to link BPA mechanistically to disease etiol...

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Effects of bisphenol-S low concentrations on oxidative stress status and in vitro fertilization potential in mature female mice

Bisphenol-S (BPS) is a new bisphenol-A substitute widely used in many plastic products. Bisphenol-A as a main member of bisphenol family has been known as an endocrine system disrupter chemical compound. Like other members of bisphenol family, there is public health concern about the toxic effects of BPS on reproductive system, thus, we examined BPS effects on in vitro fertilization (I...

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a contrastive study of rhetorical functions of citation in iranian and international elt scopus journals

writing an academic article requires the researchers to provide support for their works by learning how to cite the works of others. various studies regarding the analysis of citation in m.a theses have been done, while little work has been done on comparison of citations among elt scopus journal articles, and so the dearth of research in this area demands for further investigation into citatio...

assessment of deep word knowledge in elementary and advanced iranian efl learners: a comparison of selective and productive wat tasks

testing plays a vital role in any language teaching program. it allows teachers and stakeholders, including program administrators, parents, admissions officers and prospective employers to be assured that the learners are progressing according to an accepted standard (douglas, 2010). the problems currently facing language testers have both practical and theoretical implications but the first i...

the effects of keyword and context methods on pronunciation and receptive/ productive vocabulary of low-intermediate iranian efl learners: short-term and long-term memory in focus

از گذشته تا کنون، تحقیقات بسیاری صورت گرفته است که همگی به گونه ای بر مثمر ثمر بودن استفاده از استراتژی های یادگیری لغت در یک زبان بیگانه اذعان داشته اند. این تحقیق به بررسی تاثیر دو روش مختلف آموزش واژگان انگلیسی (کلیدی و بافتی) بر تلفظ و دانش لغوی فراگیران ایرانی زیر متوسط زبان انگلیسی و بر ماندگاری آن در حافظه می پردازد. به این منظور، تعداد شصت نفر از زبان آموزان ایرانی هشت تا چهارده ساله با...

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عنوان ژورنال: Chemosphere

سال: 2021

ISSN: 0045-6535

DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2020.128045