Economic Viability Solar PV Power Plant in Distribution System

  • ShivaPujan Jaiswal
  • VivekShrivastava
  • ShashankSingh

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Solar Pv-wind Hybrid Power Generation System

Renewable energy sources i.e.,energy generated from solar, wind, biomass, hydro power, geothermal and ocean resources are considered as a technological option for generating clean energy. But the energy generated from solar and wind is much less than the production by fossil fuels, however, electricity generation by utilizing PV cells and wind turbine increased rapidly in recent years. This pap...

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Comparative Health Risk Assessment of CdTe Solar PV System and Nuclear Power Plant

In terms of national energy policy decision-making process, several key factors, including low production cost, negligible risk or impact to environment and population around the facility, must be considered. The purpose of this paper is to assess the public health risk in case of postulated nuclear power plant and CdTe solar PV system accident and compare the estimated public health risk. Both...

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Design of a Solar Tracker System for PV Power Plants

This paper deals with the design and execution of a solar tracker system dedicated to the PV conversion panels. The proposed single axis solar tracker device ensures the optimization of the conversion of solar energy into electricity by properly orienting the PV panel in accordance with the real position of the sun. The operation of the experimental model of the device is based on a DC motor in...

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A Single – Stage Solar Power Converter for Pv Battery System

The main concept of the new converter is to use a Single stage three phase grid ties solar PV converter to perform dc/dc and dc/ac operations. This converter solution is appealing for PVbattery applications, because it minimizes the number of conversion stages, improving efficiency and reducing cost, weight and volume. This converter solution is appealing for PV-battery application, because it ...

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fault location in power distribution networks using matching algorithm

چکیده رساله/پایان نامه : تاکنون روش‏های متعددی در ارتباط با مکان یابی خطا در شبکه انتقال ارائه شده است. استفاده مستقیم از این روش‏ها در شبکه توزیع به دلایلی همچون وجود انشعاب‏های متعدد، غیر یکنواختی فیدرها (خطوط کابلی، خطوط هوایی، سطح مقطع متفاوت انشعاب ها و تنه اصلی فیدر)، نامتعادلی (عدم جابجا شدگی خطوط، بارهای تک‏فاز و سه فاز)، ثابت نبودن بار و اندازه گیری مقادیر ولتاژ و جریان فقط در ابتدای...

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Article info

Journal name: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

Year: 2019

ISSN: 1757-899X

DOI: 10.1088/1757-899x/594/1/012010