Effect of excess dietary fluoride on laying performance and antioxidant capacity of laying hens


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Effects of Dietary Dihydropyridine Supplementation on Laying Performance and Fat Metabolism of Laying Hens

The experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of dihydropyridine on laying performance and fat metabolism of laying hens. Five hundred and forty laying hens, 40 weeks old, were randomly allotted to three groups, each of which included four replicates of 45 hens. The groups were given a basal corn-soybean meal diet supplemented with 0, 150 mg/kg and 300 mg/kg dihydropyridine. Results s...

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Effect of dietary available phosphorus and phytase on production performance of old laying hens and tibia bone quality

Background: Old laying hens are more prone to dietary calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) deficiencies as  they absorb Ca and P less efficiently than younger hens. OBJECTIVES: In a 2×2 factorial design, the influence of diets with two levels of available phosphorus (AP) and phytase enzyme on the laying performance, egg quality and tibia bone characteristics of laying hens at their late 2nd producti...

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Effect of Different Levels of Mineral and Vitamin Premix on Laying Hens Performance during the First Laying Phase

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of different levels of mineral and vitamin premix on performance and egg traits of laying hens from 37 to 49 weeks of age. Two hundred and forty laying hens (Hy-Line W-36 strain) were randomly assigned to 5 dietary treatments of four replicates each with 12 hens per replicate). The levels of mineral and vitamin premixes in the experiment were ...

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Effect of dietary protein sources on production performance, egg quality, and plasma parameters of laying hens

OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary protein sources (soybean meal, SBM; low-gossypol cottonseed meal, LCSM; double-zero rapeseed meal, DRM) on laying performance, egg quality, and plasma parameters of laying hens. METHODS A total of 432 32-wk-old laying hens were randomly divided into 6 treatments with 6 replicates of 12 birds each. The birds were fed diets c...

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عنوان ژورنال: Poultry Science

سال: 2017

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps/pex002