Efficiency of water use in sugar beet and processing tomato cropped in Southern Italy

  • MicheleRinaldi
  • ElvioDi Paolo
  • Alessandro VittorioVonella

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اگر عضو سایت هستید لطفا وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید

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evaluation of irrigation water management and boron fertilizer to increase water use efficiency of sugar beet

this study evaluated the irrigation water management and different amounts of boron fertilizer affacts on yield and and water use efficiency of sugar beet. the two-factor factorial design in randomized complete block with three replications of irrigation and different levels of boron fertilizer for three years (2000-02) was designed in qazvin. the main four irrigation treatments were t1, t2, t3...

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simulation and experimental studies for prediction mineral scale formation in oil field during mixing of injection and formation water

abstract: mineral scaling in oil and gas production equipment is one of the most important problem that occurs while water injection and it has been recognized to be a major operational problem. the incompatibility between injected and formation waters may result in inorganic scale precipitation in the equipment and reservoir and then reduction of oil production rate and water injection rate. ...

the effect of irrigation in spring on water use efficiency and yield of autumn sown sugar beet

to study the effect of variable irrigation in spring on water use efficiency, quantity and quality of root and sugar yield of two sugar beet cultivars shirin and rasolan, an experiment was conducted at safiabad agriculctura research center during 2003-04 and 2004-05 cropping seasons. the experiment was designed in  a split plot with four replications in which five water supply treatments 25, 50...

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Inhibition of water uptake in sugar beet roots by ammonia.

Ammonium sulfate, ammonium carbonate or ammonia gas inhibited water uptake in sugar beet roots whenever the pH was sufficiently high to cause the production of ammonia. When ammonia was removed by aeration, inhibition of the water uptake by roots was rapidly reversed. ATP at 0.2 mm appeared to either wholly or partially prevent the ammonia-induced inhibition of water uptake by roots. ATP may be...

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ذخیره در منابع من

  با ذخیره ی این منبع در منابع من، دسترسی به آن را برای استفاده های بعدی آسان تر کنید

برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 23 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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اگر عضو سایت هستید لطفا وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید

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Journal name: Italian Journal of Agronomy

Year: 2006

ISSN: 2039-6805,1125-4718

DOI: 10.4081/ija.2006.369