Egg quality traits of laying hens reared in organic and conventional systems


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Nano-calcium carbonate: Effect on performance traits and egg quality in laying hens

A ten-week trial was carried out to determine the effect of different levels of nano-calcium carbonate (NCC) on egg production performance and egg quality. A completely randomized experiment was designed comprising 6 treatments, each with 4 replicates of 5 hens. Groups 1 and 2 were fed diets containing 8.06% and 6.045% calcium carbonate (CC) as positive and negative control respectively. Groups...

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Effects of rosemary essential oils and zinc on performance, egg quality traits, and some serum biochemical metabolites of laying hens

This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary supplement-ation of rosemary essential oils (REO) and zinc (as zinc sulfate) on performance, egg quality traits, and some serum biochemical metabolites of laying hens. A total of 144 44-weeks-old Lohmann LSL-Lite laying hens were randomly allocated into four treatments, each comprising six replicates of six birds. The first group was s...

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Effects of Barley Cultivar and Dietary Supplemental enzyme on Performance, Egg Quality Traits, and Selected Blood Parameters of Laying Hens

The effect of supplementing two commercial multienzyme to diets included two barley cultivars (Sararood [71.99%] and Valfajr [66.39%]) on performance, egg quality, and blood parameters of laying hens was investigated in an 8-wk (65 to 73 wk of age) experiment.  The commercial multienzymes were Grindazym™ (with mainly β-glucanase and xylanase activity) and Hemicell® (with mainly β-mannanase acti...

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Effects of laying hens housing system on laying performance, egg quality characteristics, and egg microbial contamination

The objective of this study was to compare the performance, egg quality, and microbial contamination of egg shells from hens maintained in different housing systems, such as conventional and enriched cages, litter, and aviaries. The housing system significantly (P < 0.001) influenced the performance characteristics. The highest egg production, lowest daily feed consumption, and feed conversion ...

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Effect of Supplementation of Organic Acids on Laying Performance, Body Fatness and Egg Quality of Hens

The study was conducted to determine the effect of organic acids supplementation on body weight changes, feed intake, feed efficiency, egg production, egg weight and egg quality in laying hens at age between 67 and 74 weeks. A total of 48 Shaver 579 laying hens of 67 weeks age were allotted into 4 groups, each containing 12 hens. The hens were fed basal diet (17% CP and 2800 kcal ME/kg diet) su...

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عنوان ژورنال: Italian Journal of Animal Science

سال: 2007

ISSN: 1828-051X

DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2007.1s.728