Environment Enrichment Devices for Caged Laying Hens


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Close human presence reduces avoidance behaviour in commercial caged laying hens to an approaching human

The quality of human contact that hens are exposed to will determine the degree of fear of humans that they experience. This has consequences for the welfare of commercial laying hens, as hens that are afraid of humans will be regularly exposed to a fear-provoking stressor. Hens can be habituated to human presence using positive or neutral human–animal interactions, although the specific human ...

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Campylobacter species occurrence within internal organs and tissues of commercial caged Leghorn laying hens.

Campylobacter spp. are frequently present in the intestinal tract and internal tissues of broiler breeder and broiler chickens. Campylobacter spp. ecology in commercial Leghorn laying hens has not been extensively studied. The objectives of the current study were to determine 1) Campylobacter spp. presence in the reproductive tract, lymphoid organs, liver-gallbladder, and ceca of commercial Leg...

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Yolk and albumen corticosterone concentrations in eggs laid by white versus brown caged laying hens.

Maternal stress in birds can have permanent transgenerational effects through the transmission of stress hormones to offspring via the egg yolk. Previous studies have shown that White Leghorn hens show a heightened response to stress compared with Hy-Line Brown hens, producing significantly more corticosterone and displaying longer bouts of tonic immobility after handling, whereas baseline leve...

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Amino Acid Recommendations for laying hens

During recent decades productivity of laying hens increased substantially (Elliot, 2008). Not only egg number, egg mass, and feed conversion has increased but also persistency of lay has improved. As such, this must have implications on the optimal amino acid nutrition of current laying hen strains. Simply stated, increasing egg mass output per hen means an increased amino acid output which has...

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Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae in Laying Hens

The bacterium Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae can infect a wide range of mammals (including humans) and birds. Disease outbreaks (erysipelas) have been considered unusual in chickens internationally, but outbreaks with high mortality and egg production losses have been diagnosed in Swedish laying hen flocks every year since 1998. Different aspects of E. rhusiopathiae infection in chickens were exa...

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عنوان ژورنال: Journal of Applied Poultry Research

سال: 1998

ISSN: 1056-6171

DOI: 10.1093/japr/7.1.19