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Genetic effect of the prolactin receptor gene on egg production traits in chickens.

The identification and utilization of potential candidate genes with significant effects on economically important traits have become increasingly important in poultry breeding programs. The prolactin (PRLR) receptor is a specific receptor for prolactin, which is an anterior pituitary peptide hormone involved in various physiological activities and is essential for reproductive success. In chic...

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Estimation of Phenotypic and Genetic Parameters of Egg Quality Traits of Azerbaijan Native Hens

The egg quality is one of the most important economic factors for layers that are crucial for hatchability and marketing. Given the low number of egg quality traits records, one of the approaches in estimating phenotypic and genetic parameters is multi trait analysis. The aim of this study was to estimate the phenotypic and genetic parameters of west Azerbaijan native hens egg quality traits by...

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Net genetic and temporary epistatic or maternal environmental responses to selection for egg production in chickens.

The difference between progeny from selected and unselected parents (T) was experimentally partitioned into net genetic change (G(A)), temporary favorable epistatic combinations (G(EP)) and egg-transmitted maternal environment (M) in two strains of Leghorns selected over 14 years for early pure-strain egg production. Differences among progeny from selected sires and dams, selected sires only, s...

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Genetic Analysis of Egg Quality Traits in Bovan Nera Black Laying Hen under Sparse Egg Production Periods

The present research was designed to examine the genetic analysis of egg weight, egg yolk weight and egg albumen weight of Bovan Neva Black laying hens at 25, 51 and 72 weeks. For this purpose, thirty birds were selected from the layer flock in the Babcock University Teaching and Research Farm. They were individually housed in separate labeled battery cage. A total of thirty eggs were collected...

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عنوان ژورنال: Egyptian Poultry Science Journal

سال: 2019

ISSN: 2090-0570

DOI: 10.21608/epsj.2019.35936