Influence of Genetic Increases in Egg Production on Traits Associated with Broodiness in Turkeys


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Effect of genetic increases in egg production, age, and sex on muscle development in turkeys.

Breast muscle morphology was studied at 8 and 16 wk of age in a line (E) selected over 44 generations for increased egg production and its randombred control line (RBC1). A sample of 20 birds per sex-line-age subgroup was killed with restraint to prevent flapping of the wings. The skin was removed from the breast region, and a sample of breast muscle was obtained in a manner to prevent contract...

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The effect of genetic increases in egg production and age and sex on breast muscle development of turkeys.

Pectoralis major muscle morphology was studied in both sexes of a turkey line (E) selected long-term for increased egg production and its randombred control (RBC1) from 25 d of incubation through 20 wk posthatch. Pectoralis major muscle samples from 10 individuals from each line-sex-age subgroup were obtained in a manner to prevent contraction. The muscle samples were dehydrated, cleared, embed...

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Genetic Analysis of Egg Quality Traits in Bovan Nera Black Laying Hen under Sparse Egg Production Periods

The present research was designed to examine the genetic analysis of egg weight, egg yolk weight and egg albumen weight of Bovan Neva Black laying hens at 25, 51 and 72 weeks. For this purpose, thirty birds were selected from the layer flock in the Babcock University Teaching and Research Farm. They were individually housed in separate labeled battery cage. A total of thirty eggs were collected...

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the impact of e-readiness on ec success in public sector in iran the impact of e-readiness on ec success in public sector in iran

acknowledge the importance of e-commerce to their countries and to survival of their businesses and in creating and encouraging an atmosphere for the wide adoption and success of e-commerce in the long term. the investment for implementing e-commerce in the public sector is one of the areas which is focused in government‘s action plan for cross-disciplinary it development and e-readiness in go...

critical period effects in foreign language learning:the influence of maturational state on the acquisition of reading,writing, and grammar in english as a foreign language

since the 1960s the age effects on learning both first and second language have been explored by many linguists and applied linguists (e.g lennerberg, 1967; schachter, 1996; long, 1990) and the existence of critical period for language acquisition was found to be a common ground of all these studies. in spite of some common findings, some issues about the impacts of age on acquiring a second or...

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عنوان ژورنال: Poultry Science

سال: 1983

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps.0622460