Lysine Requirement of Laying Hens



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Requirement of the laying hen for apparent fecal digestible lysine.

A study was conducted to determine the requirement for lysine of a White Leghorn strain of hens with a body weight of approximately 1,600 g. Before starting the experiment, apparent fecal digestibility of amino acids of the basal diet was determined in an in vivo digestibility trial with six individually housed hens. The basal diet used was based on corn and soybean meal and contained 0.65% tot...

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Effect of dietary digestible lysine concentration on performance, egg quality, and blood metabolites in laying hens

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of dietary digestible lysine concentration on productive performance, egg quality, and blood metabolites in laying hens. A completely randomized block design was performed with 5 treatments and 6 replicates of 8 Hy-line W-36 hens each, from 32 to 44 wk of age. The treatments were 5 digestible lysine concentrations (0.657, 0.707, 0.757, 0.807, a...

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Effect of housing system on the calcium requirement of laying hens and on eggshell quality

The effects of housing systems on the calcium requirement for eggshell production, eggshell quality and on the breaking strength of the hen’s tibia were evaluated. Unenriched cages (UN) (24 laying hens), enriched cages (EN) (16 laying hens) and floor system (FS) (24 laying hens) were used in this experiment. The eggshell production of laying hens from 19 to 66 weeks of age was higher (P < 0.01)...

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Requirement of tryptophan in relation to the supply of large neutral amino acids in laying hens.

The present study was undertaken to find out whether the tryptophan requirement of laying hens is influenced by the supply of large neutral amino acids (LNAA). A factorial experiment was performed in which the dietary tryptophan concentration was varied at six different levels (1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, and 2.5 g tryptophan/kg diet). As the second factor, the dietary concentrations of LNAA (is...

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Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae in Laying Hens

The bacterium Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae can infect a wide range of mammals (including humans) and birds. Disease outbreaks (erysipelas) have been considered unusual in chickens internationally, but outbreaks with high mortality and egg production losses have been diagnosed in Swedish laying hen flocks every year since 1998. Different aspects of E. rhusiopathiae infection in chickens were exa...

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عنوان ژورنال: Nihon Chikusan Gakkaiho

سال: 1985

ISSN: 1346-907X,1880-8255

DOI: 10.2508/chikusan.56.827