Multiplex Real-Time PCR Diagnostic of Relapsing Fevers in Africa


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Multiplex Real-Time PCR Diagnostic of Relapsing Fevers in Africa

BACKGROUND In Africa, relapsing fever borreliae are neglected arthropod-borne pathogens causing mild to deadly septicemia and miscarriage. The closely related Borrelia crocidurae, Borrelia duttonii, Borrelia recurrentis and Borrelia hispanica are rarely diagnosed at the species level, hampering refined epidemiological and clinical knowledge of the relapsing fevers. It would be hugely beneficial...

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Real-time multiplex PCR assays.

The ability to multiplex PCR by probe color and melting temperature (T(m)) greatly expands the power of real-time analysis. Simple hybridization probes with only a single fluorescent dye can be used for quantification and allele typing. Different probes are labeled with dyes that have unique emission spectra. Spectral data are collected with discrete optics or dispersed onto an array for detect...

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Key words: herpes simplex virus, real-time PCR, multiplex real-time PCR assay

要 旨 単 純 ヘ ル ペ ス ウ イ ル ス1型(HSV-1)お よ び2型(HSV-2)の 遺 伝 子 を 同時 に検 出 す るmultiplex real-time PCR法 を 開発 し た. HSV-1お よびHSV-2のgpD領 域 を標 的 と し,プ ラ イ マ ー お よ びTaqMan蛍 光 プ ロ ー ブ を 独 自 に 設 計 し た.検 出感 度 は15copies/tubeで,HSV-1お よ びHSV-2と も15か ら1.5×106 copies/tubeの 範 囲 で 定 量 が 可 能 で あ っ た.real-time PCR法 はPCR法 よ り も103倍 感 度 が 高 く,他 の ヘ ルペ ス属(CMV, EBV, HHV6, HHV-7お よ びVZV) DNAは 検 出 され なか っ た. 以 上 の結 果 か ら,今 回 開 発...

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Development of multiplex real-time RT-PCR as a diagnostic tool for avian influenza.

A multiplex real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RRT-PCR) assay for the simultaneous detection of the H5 and H7 avian influenza hemagglutinin (HA) subtypes was developed with hydrolysis type probes labeled with the FAM (H5 probe) and ROX (H7 probe) reporter dyes. The sensitivity of the H5-H7 subtyping assay was determined, using in vitro transcribed RNA templates, to have ...

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Authentication of male beef by multiplex fast real-time PCR.

Meat is a significant source of high-quality nutrients, which are very important in the diet. Among meat products, one of the most prized is bovine meat, of which male beef has been designated to be of a higher quality. However, because of its similarity with female beef, deliberate or unintentional substitutions can occur. To avoid this, methodology based on the fast real-time polymerase chain...

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عنوان ژورنال: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

سال: 2013

ISSN: 1935-2735

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0002042