Multiplex RT-PCR for the Detection of Leukemia-Associated Translocations


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Factors Influencing Real-Time RT-PCR Results: Application of Real-Time RT-PCR for the Detection of Leukemia Translocations

A variety of factors that influence real-time reverse transcriptase (RT)-PCR results were examined. Realtime reaction volumes can be decreased from the manufacturers suggested volumes (50μl) to as little as 5μl. Errors introduced through volume handlings can be significantly mitigated through the use of electronic pipettes. Random hexamers are compared against the use of a specific reverse tran...

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Post-PCR multiplex fluorescent ligation detection assay and flow cytometry for rapid detection of gene-specific translocations in leukemia.

We describe a novel method to detect specific polymerase chain reaction (PCR) target amplicons, involving thermostable ligation of fluorescent and biotinylated oligonucleotides, microparticle bead capture of the ligated products, and flow cytometric analysis. This approach, termed fluorescent ligation detection reaction (f-LDR) is more rapid and cost-effective than oligoprobe Southern blot hybr...

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Multiplex RT-PCR Assay for Detection of Common Fusion Transcripts in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cases.

BACKGROUND Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a heterogeneous disease which requires a risk-stratified approach for appropriate treatment. Specific chromosomal translocations within leukemic blasts are important prognostic factors that allow identification of relevant subgroups. In this study, we developed a multiplex RT-PCR assay for detection of the 4 most frequent translocations in ALL (B...

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Nested-RT-PCR and multiplex RT-PCR for diagnosis of rhinovirus infection in clinical samples.

Human rhinoviruses (HRVs) are positive-stranded RNA viruses belonging to the Enterovirus genus in the family of Picornaviridae. Identification of the specific strain in HRV disease has been difficult because the traditional serological method is insensitive, labor intensive, and cumbersome. With the fast progress in molecular biological technique, more sensitive and faster molecular methods hav...

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Multiplex-polymerase chain reaction assay for the detection of prognostically significant translocations in acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The presence of specific chromosomal translocations in acute lymphoblastic leukemias (ALL) plays an important role in determining the prognosis of the patients. Our aim is to develop a highly sensitive and specific method to screen simultaneously for the four most frequent translocations in ALL: t(9;22), t(1;19), t(4;11), t(12;21). DESIGN AND METHODS Our approach use...

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عنوان ژورنال: The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics

سال: 2003

ISSN: 1525-1578

DOI: 10.1016/s1525-1578(10)60479-5