New Cage Design for Laying Hens


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Cage hygiene, laying location, and egg quality: the effects of linings and litter provision in furnished cages for laying hens.

This study investigates the influence of litter provision and linings used for nests and pecking and scratching areas on cage hygiene, laying location, and egg quality. Research was carried out in furnished cages, each housing 60 beak-trimmed ISA Brown hens. Four different treatments were compared in a factorial arrangement, including 2 different nest linings (artificial turf vs. plastic mesh),...

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Feather Pecking of Laying Hens in Different Stocking Density and Type of Cage

Both stocking rate and housing systems are main factors influencing the occurrence of feather pecking in laying hens raised in conventional cage system. This study examines the effects of different type of cage and stock density on feather pecking behaviour in hens. Total of 216 Hisex Brown hens at 16 weeks of age were randomly selected and put into 2 types of battery cages: conventional cages ...

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Understanding Mortality Rates of Laying Hens in Cage-Free Egg Production Systems

In cage-free egg production systems, concerns have been raised over hen mortality rates. High mortality is an obvious indicator of poor welfare, and problems should be addressed without delay. It is important to note, however, that mortality can vary substantially between hen flocks, and that some cage-free systems have healthy flocks that do not suffer substantial death losses. These systems c...

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Genetic effects of aging on fitness and nonfitness traits in laying hens housed three per cage.

Three White Leghorn strains, their two-way crosses, and two commercial lines were used to study the effects of aging on several parameters related to performance of fitness and nonfitness traits during the first laying cycle of hens housed three per cage. Egg number of the survivors (EPF) and egg number including mortality and morbidity (EPM) were divided into 12 periods of 28 d each, starting ...

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Amino Acid Recommendations for laying hens

During recent decades productivity of laying hens increased substantially (Elliot, 2008). Not only egg number, egg mass, and feed conversion has increased but also persistency of lay has improved. As such, this must have implications on the optimal amino acid nutrition of current laying hen strains. Simply stated, increasing egg mass output per hen means an increased amino acid output which has...

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عنوان ژورنال: Poultry Science

سال: 1982

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps.0610606