Noise: hearing loss and psychological effects.



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Effects of Co-Exposure to Noise and JP-4 Jet Fuel on Hearing Loss in Rats

Background and Aim: Autotoxic substances such as JP-4 jet fuel can have negative effects on the auditory system by the various means such as cochlear dysfunction. The purpose of this study was to investigate the combined effects of exposure to JP-4 jet fuel and noise on hearing loss in rats, to determine the possible interference effects of these two risk factors on rat auditory system. Methods...

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This paper presents noise problems associated with the use of air-turbine drills in dental practice. Two hundred and fifty dentists (male and female) were randomly selected from the faculty of dentistry as well as the dentists who worked private in Tehran. The results indicated that the mean value of sound pressure level produced by the high-speed drills was 69.1 db. Most of the energy from...

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Hearing loss after noise exposure.

The higher field strength magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) such as 3 Tesla (T) and above generates noise that has potential detrimental effects on the hearing. Temporary threshold shifts following MRI examination have been reported for MRI with lower field strength. Such effect, however, have not been reported so far for a 3T MRI. We report a case that exemplifies the possible detrimental effec...

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Effects of edaravone treatment on noise-induced hearing loss

This study investigated the effects of edaravone on the cochlear hair cells of guinea pigs after noise-induced hearing loss and the best time for drug administration. Thirty clean-grade guinea pigs were randomly divided into three groups, and auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) were measured before, instantly after, and on the 3rd and 7th day after noise exposure. On the 8th day after noise exp...

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Understanding and preventing noise-induced hearing loss.

Noise is a major occupational and environmental hazard, causing hearing loss, annoyance, sleep disturbance, fatigue, and hypertension. Although the extra-auditory effects of high-level noise exposure have been reported, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) has long been recognized as the primary and most direct health effect of excessive noise exposure. The World Health Organization reported that ...

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عنوان ژورنال: BMJ

سال: 1980

ISSN: 0959-8138,1468-5833

DOI: 10.1136/bmj.281.6251.1325