Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Among Blacksmiths, Boilermakers, and Metalsmiths



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Noise-Induced hearing loss among professional musicians

OBJECTIVES After presbycusis, noise exposure is considered the second cause of sensorineural hearing loss. Due to exposure to high-intensity sounds, musicians may be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Given the importance of good hearing in music career, this study aimed to investigate the frequency of hearing loss and use of protective measures among Iranian musicians. METHODS In ...

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This paper presents noise problems associated with the use of air-turbine drills in dental practice. Two hundred and fifty dentists (male and female) were randomly selected from the faculty of dentistry as well as the dentists who worked private in Tehran. The results indicated that the mean value of sound pressure level produced by the high-speed drills was 69.1 db. Most of the energy from...

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Evidence of noise-induced hearing loss among orchestral musicians

An assessment of hearing thresholds among student orchestral musicians was carried out at the UCL Ear Institute in conjunction with the Royal College of Music (RCM). Audiogram data taken from 162 students (86 F, 76 M; mean age=23.7 years, SD=4.8) showed a statistically significant notch at 6 kHz in the left ear, indicative of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), but no significant notch was found...

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The prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss among Tanzanian miners

BACKGROUND Tanzania has a young mining history with several operating open pit and underground mines. No prevalence studies of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) have been conducted among mine workers to provide an impetus for the development of comprehensive hearing protection programmes. AIMS To determine the prevalence of NIHL and associated factors among miners in a major gold mining compa...

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noise-induced hearing loss: prevention is possible

conclusions despite rising figures of reported occupational hearing loss, working nbii statistics show that the nihl problem in the danish work environment has, in fact, decreased. in our study, we found that roughly one third (around 100 cases) of the 272 screened persons presumably had nihl, taking into account 88 probable cases (column b) and 44 questionable ones (column c + 16 ski slopes). ...

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عنوان ژورنال: The Hearing Journal

سال: 2020

ISSN: 0745-7472

DOI: 10.1097/01.hj.0000651584.98107.43