Preliminarily comparative performance of removing bisphenol-S by ferrate oxidation and ozonation



Abstract Bisphenol-S (BS) has recently raised public concerns for its adverse effect on the health safety and ecological security. BS concentrations were detected in many water resources, ranging from 10 ng L −1 to 300 μg , so that various purification techniques have been sought remove BS. This study investigated performance of ozonation ferrate oxidation degradation since they are both promising oxidants with high redox potential among treatment chemicals. It was observed ozone can achieve over 99% concentration reduction up 22.5% DOC dosing 0.036 mM either or ozone. The vibrio fisheri toxicity exhibited a decline treated samples after oxidation. According mass spectra analyzed, pathways proposed products (OPs) identified. by followed similar route four common OPs (OP-249; OP-497-a; OP-497-b, OP-201) detected. While produced one more intermediate (OP-217), did not, which is attributed intensified decomposition ozonation. major impact this comparable removing BS, further research continuing necessary explore removal waters complex matrixes (e.g., natural organic matter contents), investigate mechanisms depth, conduct pilot-scale full-scale trials establish operational database running and/or practical world.

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performance of biological system and advanced oxidation processes (aop) treating antibiotic production industrial wastewater

در این مطالعه، عملکرد دو سیستم اکسیداسیون شیمیایی پیشرفته و یک سیستم بیولوژیکی برای حذف آموکسی سیلین در فاضلاب های سنتزیدر غلظت های مشابه با موارد صنعتی مورد بررسی قرار گرفته شدند. مطالعه انجام شده دارای سه بخش متفاوت اکسیداسیون با ازن و اشعه uv، اکسیداسیون با استفاده از نانو فتوکاتالیست tio2 و استفاده از بیوراکتور هوازی لجن فعال با جداکننده های فیزیکی می باشد. در هر بخش، متغیر های متفاوتی متنا...

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a comparative move analysis of the introduction sections of ma theses by iranian and native post-graduate students

since esp received universal attention to smooth the path for academic studies and productions, a great deal of research and studies have been directed towards this area. swales’ (1990) model of ra introduction move analysis has served a pioneering role of guiding many relevant studies and has proven to be productive in terms of helpful guidelines that are the outcome of voluminous productions ...

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‏‎a comparative study of language learning strategies employmed by bilinguals and monolinguals with reference to attitudes and motivation‎‏

هدف از این تحقیق بررسی برخی عوامل ادراکی واحساسی یعنی استفاده از شیوه های یادگیری زبان ، انگیزه ها ونگرش نسبت به زبان انگلیسی در رابطه با زمینه زبانی زبان آموزان می باشد. هدف بررسی این نکته بود که آیا اختلافی چشمگیر میان زبان آموزان دو زبانه و تک زبانه در میزان استفاده از شیوه های یادگیری زبان ، انگیزه ها نگرش و سطح مهارت زبانی وجود دارد. همچنین سعی شد تا بهترین و موثرترین عوامل پیش بینی کننده ...

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Ferrate(VI) oxidation of zinc-cyanide complex.

Zinc-cyanide complexes are found in gold mining effluents and in metal finishing rinse water. The effect of Zn(II) on the oxidation of cyanide by ferrate(VI) (Fe(VI)O(4)(2-), Fe(VI)) was thus investigated by studying the kinetics of the reaction of Fe(VI) with cyanide present in a potassium salt of a zinc cyanide complex (K(2)Zn(CN)(4)) and in a mixture of Zn(II) and cyanide solutions as a func...

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Comparative oxidation of hemoglobins A and S.

The mutant hemoglobin S (HbS) previously was reported to undergo accelerated autooxidation during incubation in vitro. However, subsequent observations have raised the possibility that this might be explained by adventitious association of molecular iron with HbS, rather than reflecting an inherent property of HbS. Using purified HbA and HbS obtained from genotypic HbAS donors, we found that th...

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