Reduction of Nitrate and Nitrite in Lambsquarters (Chenopodium album) Biotypes Resistant and Susceptible to Atrazine Toxicity


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Reduction of Nitrate and Nitrite in Lambsquarters (Chenopodium album) Biotypes Resistant and Susceptible to Atrazine Toxicity.

The nitrite-reducing activity of the normal susceptible biotype of lambsquarters (Chenopodium album L.) was strongly inhibited by atrazine in the assay medium, both in the case of the in vivo assays of leaf discs in light, and in vitro photoreduction assays of crude extracts. In vitro assays of crude extracts with methylviologen or ferredoxin supplying the reducing potential were not inhibited ...

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Comparison of Photosynthetic Activities in Triazine-Resistant and Susceptible Biotypes of Chenopodium album

V ictor B. Curwiel, G ert Schansker, O scar J . de Vos, and Jack J. S. van Rensen Department of Plant Physiology, Agricultural University Wageningen, Arboretumlaan 4, 6703 BD Wageningen, The Netherlands Z. Naturforsch. 4 8 c , 2 7 8 -2 8 2 (1993); received November 26, 1992 Chloroplasts, Triazine-Resistance, Photosystem II, Photoinhibition, Fluorescence Triazine-resistant and susceptible Chenop...

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Morphophysiological traits and atrazine sensitivity in Chenopodium album L.

BACKGROUND A Chenopodium album L. biotype surviving in atrazine-treated Serbian corn fields (VC) was compared against atrazine-susceptible (S) and atrazine-resistant (R) standards. RESULTS Atrazine (2 kg ha(-1)) killed S and VC shoot biomass 15 days after treatment (DAT), but R was only suppressed by 42% and survived 8 kg ha(-1). Atrazine at 2 kg ha(-1) only inhibited VC height by 60% as agai...

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A Review of Nitrate and Nitrite Toxicity in Foods

Agricultural advancement and population growth have prompted increases in food supplies, and higher crop yields have been made possible through the application of fertilizers. Large quantities of livestock and poultry on farms, along with the accumulation of biomass and agricultural residues, can cause contamination of ground water resources and other water sanitation concerns in both developin...

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Nitrate and Nitrite: Sources, Impact on Human Health and Reduction of Nitrate Accumulation in Agricultural Products Using Bio-fertilizers

Nitrate with the chemical formula NO3- is one of the forms of nitrogen in the environment that plays an important role in the nitrogen cycle. Vegetables, water and meat are important sources of nitrate. Nitrate is made in the body through the arginine-NO pathway and enters the body through various sources. Oral nitrate is converted to nitrite (NO2-) by bacteria when it enters the mouth, and nit...

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عنوان ژورنال: Plant Physiology

سال: 1980

ISSN: 0032-0889,1532-2548

DOI: 10.1104/pp.65.5.984