Retraction: [Reading Comprehension through the FIVES Model and Guided Reading Model to Improve Critical Thinking Ability in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0]



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the relationship between learners critical thinking ability and their performance in the reading sections of the tofel and ielts test

the study reflected in this thesis aims at finding out relationships between critical thinking (ct), and the reading sections of tofel and ielts tests. the study tries to find any relationships between the ct ability of students and their performance on reading tests of tofel and academic ielts. however, no research has ever been conducted to investigate the relationship between ct and the read...

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the relationship between critical thinking and reading strategies

during the process of reading, sometimes learners use ineffective and inefficient strategies and some factors may influence their use of strategies. perhaps critical thinking is one of these factors. this study aims to identify those categories of reading strategies that are mostly used by iranian efl learners and to see if there is any significant relationship between the critical thinking abi...

the effect of using critical discourse analytical tools on the improvement of the learners level of critical thinking in reading comprehension

?it is of utmost priority for an experienced teacher to train the mind of the students, and enable them to think critically and correctly. the most important question here is that how to develop such a crucial ability? this study examines a new way to the development of critical thinking utilizing critical discourse analytical tools. to attain this goal, two classes of senior english la...

the impact of generative learning strategy use on efl learners’ reading achievement and critical thinking

این پژوهش کوشیده است تأثیر به کارگیری راهبردهای زایا را بر پیشرفت و بسندگی در خواندن و درک مطلب و نیز بر تفکر انتقادی زبان آموزان انگلیسی را بررسی کند. در این پژوهش تعداد 46 دانش آموز دختر در مقطع متوسطه اول به صورت تصادفی انتخاب وبه دو گروه تجربی و شاهد با تعداد دانش آموزان مساوی در هر گروه تقسیم شدند. به هر دو گروه سه داستان کوتاه به عنوان موضوع خواندن برای کلاس داده شد. به گروه تجربی درابتدا...

Directed Reading-Thinking Activity and Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is one of the essential skills for learning in every language and in Iranian educational system, there seems a need to make some revisions in teaching reading comprehension. In an attempt to address this problem, this research set out to utilize Directed Reading –Thinking Activity (coined by Stauffer, 1969) as a teaching comprehension model which was expected to enhance st...

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عنوان ژورنال: Mimbar Sekolah Dasar

سال: 2020

ISSN: 2502-4795,2355-5343

DOI: 10.17509/mimbar-sd.v7i2.27139