Some Recent Investigations in Sugar-Beet Breeding


  • Frederick J.Pritchard

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Biosurfactant production in sugar beet molasses by some Pseudomonas spp.

In this study rhamnolipid biosurfactant production was investigated in eighteen strains of Pseudomonas spp.. Rhamnolipid by these strains was determined by a spectrophotometric method in nutrient broth medium (NB). From the 18 strains screened, two Pseudomonas strains (Pseudomonas luteola B17 and Pseudomonas putida B12) which had produced the highest percentage yield of rhamnolipid were examine...

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Cystinuria A Review of Some Recent Investigations *

The older literature concerned with cystinuria has been reviewed in detail frequently", 21, 38 44. It is, therefore, the purpose of this review to discuss the more recent literature only, and we have chosen to discuss mainly the literature of the past ten years, the period which hlas elapsed since the most recent revision of Garrod's able presentation of the subject"3. Cystinuria, discovered in...

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Non-Invasive Spectral Phenotyping Methods can Improve and Accelerate Cercospora Disease Scoring in Sugar Beet Breeding

Breeding for Cercospora resistant sugar beet cultivars requires field experiments for testing resistance levels of candidate genotypes in conditions that are close to agricultural cultivation. Non-invasive spectral phenotyping methods can support and accelerate resistance rating and thereby speed up breeding process. In a case study, experimental field plots with strongly infected beet genotype...

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Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.).

Creating transgenic plants is invaluable for the genetic analysis of sugar beet and will be increasingly important as sugar beet genomic technologies progress. A protocol for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of sugar beet is described in this chapter. Our protocol is optimized for a sugar beet genotype that performs exceptionally well in tissue culture, including the steps of dedifferentia...

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Sugar transport in conducting elements of sugar beet leaves.

Autoradiography was used to determine the distribution of labeled sugar in conducting elements of the blade and petiole of sugar beet leaves at intervals ranging from 5 sec to 24 hr. The processes of assimilation by the green cells, collection of sugar in the minor veins and export in phloem elements were demonstrated visually. It appears that in minor veins sugar is translocated in companion c...

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Journal name: Botanical Gazette

Year: 1916

ISSN: 0006-8071

DOI: 10.1086/331958