Split liver transplantation with right liver and right trisectoral liver graft or whole liver transplantation – Comparison of outcomes

  • M.Kocik
  • M.Kysela
  • L.Janousek
  • M.Kucera
  • J.Fronek

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Validation of graft and standard liver size predictions in right liver living donor liver transplantation

PURPOSE To assess the accuracy of a formula derived from 159 living liver donors to estimate the liver size of a normal subject: standard liver weight (g) = 218 + body weight (kg) × 12.3 + 51 (if male). Standard liver volume (SLV) is attained by a conversion factor of 1.19 mL/g. METHODS The total liver volume (TLV) of each of the subsequent consecutive 126 living liver donors was determined u...

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Split liver transplantation.

BACKGROUND Split liver transplantation offers an attractive way to increase the number of cadaveric grafts. In the past 10 years, it has enabled clinicians to minimise paediatric waiting list mortality. Two major concepts are applied in liver splitting. The more widely accepted approach provides a left lateral and a right extended liver graft to be transplanted into one child and one adult, res...

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Bile Duct Reconstruction by a Young Surgeon in Living Donor Liver Transplantation Using Right Liver Graft

Biliary strictures and bile leaks account for the majority of biliary complications after living donor liver transplantation (LDLT). The aim of this study was to examine differences in biliary complications after adult LDLTs were performed by an experienced senior surgeon and an inexperienced junior surgeon. Surgeries included bile duct reconstruction after adult LDLT using a right liver graft,...

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Vein reconstruction in modified right liver graft for living donor liver transplantation.

OBJECTIVE To report the authors' experience with hepatic vein reconstruction and plasty in living donor liver transplantation for adult patients. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA A right liver graft without the middle hepatic vein (MHV) trunk (modified right liver graft) can cause severe congestion of the right paramedian sector. However, the need for MHV reconstruction has not been fully recognized. ...

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Split liver transplantation in adults

Split liver transplantation (SLT), while widely accepted in pediatrics, remains underutilized in adults. Advancements in surgical techniques and donor-recipient matching, however, have allowed expansion of SLT from utilization of the right trisegment graft to now include use of the hemiliver graft as well. Despite less favorable outcomes in the early experience, better outcomes have been report...

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Journal name: HPB

Year: 2018

ISSN: 1365-182X

DOI: 10.1016/j.hpb.2018.06.2403