Unconventional viruses and the central nervous system.



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Besides being a metabolite of nucleotides like ATP, adenosine is a mediator of neuronal function in the central nervous system. Its actions are mediated by at least three extracellular receptors. In this review different aspects of adenosine such as biosynthesis, release, inactivation and its receptors are discussed. It also covers pre- and postsynaptic effects as well as postreceptor mecha...

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Immunological Relationships among Central Nervous System Viruses

From observations carried out with the viruses of Russian spring-summer encephalitis, louping ill, W.E.E., and the Japanese B, St. Louis, and West Nile types of encephalitis, the following facts and inferences have been derived. 1. Russian encephalitis and louping ill viruses showed a close relationship by complement fixation, neutralization, and intraperitoneal cross-resistance tests. Intracer...

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Slow viruses and chronic disease of the central nervous system.

Although recognized since the 1930s, slow infections have only recently received considerable attention. There are three types, group A (related to the type C RNA viruses), group B (bizarre agents such as scrapie and kuru) and group C (viruses such as measles which normally produce acute infections but which are behaving here in an unusual fashion). These viruses are only united in that they pr...

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Why does the central nervous system not regenerate after injury?

A major problem for neuroscientists and clinicians is why the central nervous system shows ineffective regeneration after injury. Injured peripheral nerve fibers reform their connections, whereas those in injured spinal cord never re-grow. Insights into the mechanisms for repair and restoration of function after spinal cord injury have been obtained by experiments showing that injured nerve cel...

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P124: Listeriosis in Central Nervous System

Listeriosis is one of the CNS inflammatory diseases which is happened majority in the form of sporadic. Listeriosis is ingested with the food. Infection occurrence in an exposed person depends on the number of organisms ingested, the virulence of the organisms strain and the individual condition. It is known that Listeriosis has decisive importance as an infection which the cellular immunodefen...

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عنوان ژورنال: BMJ

سال: 1987

ISSN: 0959-8138,1468-5833

DOI: 10.1136/bmj.295.6594.347