the form of romantic sorrow in the free verse poetry of well-known iraqi poets badr shakir al-sayyāb, nāzok al-malāekah, abdul-wahhāb al-bayāti


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أستاذ مشارک بجامعة طهران عادل آزاددل

أستاذ مساعد بجامعة المحقق الأردبیلی


sorrow is one of the poetic subjects which is frequent since the ignorance period through elegiac poems which are full of kindness and sad motions. but since the recent & new era in particular since he romanticism era it gains progress in such a way that it does not only appear through the poetic couplets which illustrate an experience of poetic elegical sense, but also it becomes of potential nature which sheds light on most of the poetic subjects accompanied with sad issue. though the famous iraqi poets belong to free verse poetry such as badr shakir al-sayy?b, n?zok al-mal?ekah and abdul-wahh?b al-bay?ti have been in the beginning of their poetic way toward romanticism, sorrow has become a shinning characteristic in their poetic subjects such as love, nostalgia, death and the like. this article is going to restrict: first, the factors which strengthen the flourishing of romantic sorrow in the poetry of famous poets . second, the harmony of technical illustrations with the romantic sad expressions and finally tries to show that whether these poets in spite of their diverse attitudes through the poetic passage follow the great romantic poets or not.

برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

ثبت نام

اگر عضو سایت هستید لطفا وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید

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ذخیره در منابع من

  با ذخیره ی این منبع در منابع من، دسترسی به آن را برای استفاده های بعدی راحت تر خواهید کرد

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اگر عضو سایت هستید لطفا وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید

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