acquisition of functional categories in english as a second language


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second language acquisition (sla) always happens when the learners live and have contact with the native speakers of a second language. although this study investigates learning english by ten native children of farsi, the authors try to simulate the second language acquisition environment. the research deals with the initial state and further development in the child second language learning of syntax regarding the presence or absence of functional categories, as well as the role and the degree of l1 influence in this regard. some studies in the field of child l1 acquisition are discussed to determine similarities or differences between child l1 and child l2 acquisition. the competing claims of the two most prominent hypotheses about early l2 grammars, i.e. vainikka & young-scholten’s (1996) minimal trees/structure building hypothesis and schwartz & sprouse’s (1996) full transfer/full access hypothesis, are tested. the conclusion is reached that functional categories are absent at the initial state and that they emerge without the learners’ reliance on their l1, consistent with minimal trees/structure building hypothesis.

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critical period effects in foreign language learning:the influence of maturational state on the acquisition of reading,writing, and grammar in english as a foreign language

since the 1960s the age effects on learning both first and second language have been explored by many linguists and applied linguists (e.g lennerberg, 1967; schachter, 1996; long, 1990) and the existence of critical period for language acquisition was found to be a common ground of all these studies. in spite of some common findings, some issues about the impacts of age on acquiring a second or...

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the effectiveness of strategy-based instruction in teaching english as a second or foreign language: a meta-analysis of experimental studies

a large number of single research studies on the effects of strategy-based instruction (sbi) in teaching english as a foreign or second language has been conducted so far. however, the lack of a comprehensive meta-analysis targeting the effectiveness of english language sbi is observed. moreover, the findings of experimental studies regarding the context of the english language, proficiency lev...

second language acquisition of telicity and aspect by persian learners of english

این تحقیق از دو قسمت اصلی تشکیل شده است: در قسمت اول فراگیری ختمیت به ویژه درک و تولید اینگونه جملات توسط فراگیران ایرانی زبان انگلیسی مورد بررسی قرار گرفته است. قضاوت تعدادی انگلیسی زبان بر روی این جملات نیز هدفی دیگر بود که در این رساله بررسی شده است. از موضوعات دیگر تفاوت بین نشانه های ختمیت در زبان انگلیسی و فارسی و تاثیر زبان اول فراگیران در درک و تولید اینگونه جملات است. در قسمت دوم استفا...

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effects of first language on second language writing-a preliminary contrastive rhetoric study of farsi and english

to explore the idea the investingation proposed, aimed at finding whether the performances of the population of iranians students studying english in an efl context are consistent in l1 and l2 writing taks and whether there is a cross-linguistic transfer in this respect. in this regard the subjects were instructed to write four compositions-two in english and two in farsi-which consisted of an ...

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Towards a definition of intake in second language acquisition

Intake  is  a  concept  that  has  long  fascinated  second  language  researchers  as  it  provides  a window  onto  the  crucial  intermediary  stage  between  input  and  acquisition.  A  better understanding of this intermediary  stage can  help us to distinguish between input that  is used for immediate (e.g. communicative) purposes only and input that is drawn on for learning. This articl...

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Investigating Discourse Socialisation Progress of an English as a Second Language Learner Using Systematic Functional Linguistic Approach

This study was framed on the theory of Language Socialisation and a Systematic Functional Linguistic (SFL) approach. The aim of the study was to analyse the oral presentation discourse produced by an elemen- tary Iranian English as Second Language (ESL) postgraduate student in an American university four times (September/December, 2015 and March/September, 2016) over one year. The data were col...

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