effect of seed pelleting with zeolite and priming with iron chelate on protein and seed yield of mung bean (vigna radiata l.) varieties in ahvaz


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in tropical pulses such as mung bean use of zeolite due to keep of moisture is important. to study of effects of seed pelleting with zeolite and seed priming with iron chelate on protein and grain yield of mung bean cultivars in ahvaz conditions, an experiment was conducted as a factorial in randomized completely block design (rcbd) with three replication in experimental farm of the ramin university in august 2011. factors included culture system optimization (cso) in six levels, zeolite + seed priming (o1), zeolite (o2), seed pelleting + seed priming (o3), seed pelleting (o4), seed priming (o5) and control (o6) with three mung bean cultivars included hendi (c1), nm-54 (c2) and vc11-18b (c3). the results showed that cultivar was a significant effect on all of the evaluated traits; however the effects of cso and interaction of cultivar and cso on all traits except grain weight and number of seed per pod were significant. hendi cultivar with high grain weight and number of seed per pod was showed a high potential in the production of yield components. the highest seed protein content was obtained in zeolite application in all of three cultivars. production of the highest biological yield in hendi seed primed was the promising of green manure planting.

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این مطالعه در سال 1386-87 در آزمایشگاه و مزرعه پژوهشی دانشگاه صنعتی اصفهان به منظور تعیین مناسب ترین تیمار بذری و ارزیابی اثر پرایمینگ بر روی سه رقم گلرنگ تحت سه رژیم آبیاری انجام گرفت. برخی از مطالعات اثرات سودمند پرایمینگ بذر را بر روی گیاهان مختلف بررسی کرده اند اما در حال حاضر اطلاعات کمی در مورد خصوصیات مربوط به جوانه زنی، مراحل نموی، عملکرد و خصوصیات کمی و کیفی بذور تیمار شده ژنوتیپ های م...

تأثیر زئولیت و پرایمینگ بذر بر نیتروژن دانه، محتوای کلروفیل برگ و صفات مربوط به عملکرد دانه ارقام ماش (Vigna radiata L.)

Mung bean is one of tropical and semitropical pulses that is important in food, fodder, green manure and improves soil fertility and is a cheap source of protein in human direct consumption. The use of zeolite in soils with heavy texture, because it keeps moisture and nutrients around the seeds and roots is very important. On the other hand, the application of techniques of improving seed quali...

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Growth parameters such as leaf area (LA), total dry mass (TDM) production, crop growth rate (CGR), relative growth rate (RGR), and net assimilation rate (NAR) were compared in six varieties of mungbean under subtropical condition (24°8' N 90°0' E) to identify limiting growth characters for the efficient application of physiology breeding for higher yields. Results revealed that a relatively sma...

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To investigate the effect of deficit irrigation on yield of mung bean genotypes, an experiment was conducted as a split plot in randomized complete block design (RCB) with three replications. The main plot was irrigation regime in three levels (supply of 100, 80 and 60% of crop water requirement) and subplot was genotype in five levels (VC 11-18b, VC 63-72, CN-9-5, NM 54 and 1-61-145). The resu...

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