Estimation of Soil Erosion Using RUSLE Model and Determination of Direct and Indirect Damages in Kan Watershed


  • Ghavimipanah, Mohammad Hossein Ph.D. Student, Department of Watershed Management Engineering, Faculty of Natural Resources, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University (SANRU), Iran.
  • Gholami, Leila Associate Professor, Department of Watershed Management Engineering, Faculty of Natural Resources, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University, Iran
چکیده مقاله:

Prioritization of different regions at watersheds based on the erosion rate and sediment yield with approach of its economic effects can lead to the production of valuable information for projects of soil conservatism. The present study aim was sub-watersheds prioritization of Kan watershed based on erosion condition with the approach of economic losses from erosion and sediment. Therefore, the RUSLE model used to calculate amount of erosion and sediment of the Kan watershed at Tehran province. The average amount of erosion and sediment was 9 t ha-1 and 3.2 t ha-1, respectively, that the damage rate from direct and indirect cost estimated 220 1840.56 billion Rials, respectively. This rate calculated with amount of 10320 billion Rials for time period of 5 year. Also the results showed that the maximum and minimum costs of soil erosion is in the  C-1-2-1 and C2 sub-watersheds with rates of 79.23 and 0.50 billion Rials per year, respectively. Given that the damages caused by the non-performance of operation of watershed management will exponentially and significantly increase, therefore, the prioritization reason of work units for operation of watershed management can play the important role at reducing the damages amount at watersheds.

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