Green synthesis of nano size CoFe2O4 using Chenopodium album leaf extract for photo degradation of organic pollutants


  • Ali Daneshvar Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, P.O. BOX 19395-4697 Tehran, Iran
  • Fatemeh Mostaghni Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, P.O. BOX 19395-4697 Tehran, Iran
  • Majid Sakhaie Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, P.O. BOX 19395-4697 Tehran, Iran
چکیده مقاله:

Green synthesis of nanoparticles makes use of environmental friendly, non-toxic and safe reagents. In this study, we synthesised CoFe2O4 in a green approach, using leaf extract of Chenopodium album. The structure of the synthesised sample were analyzed by X-ray diffraction methods. The synthesised Photocatalyst was applied for photo degradation of methy orange as a reliable model pollutant. The results indicated that CoFe2O4 exhibited good efficiency for the degradation of MO under UV light irradiation; the degradation ratio reached to 100% after 3 h irradiation. In addition, easy separation of the catalysts from the treated wastewater by magnetic separation, makes it available for flow-bed technologies.

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