Investigating the relationship between safe nursing care and quality of work life of nurses , 2020.


  • E Jafar Jalal
  • H Haghani
  • M Fotoohi

Background and Aim: One of the most basic and important condition and goals in providing health services is to prevent harm to the patient and endanger his safety as a result of providing health services .safety is reduction of the risk of unnecessary injury to a minimum acceptable level compared to other treatments or failure to seek treatment. Safe nursing care has 4 dimensions including nursing skills, providing physical safety, providing mental safety and nurseschr('39') participation with other members.  Providing safe services depends on quality and  efficient service by nurses . The efficiency of the nurse depends on measures to preserve the body and soul of the nurse and thus improve the quality of his working  life. Quality of work life emphasizes personal consequences, and how to improve work to meet onechr('39')s needs. Quality of work life has four dimensions; personal life, work framework, work context and global dimension of work. Safe care and quality of working life are among the important issues that have been considered for some time, and in some cases, its dimensions have been studied separately and identified; However, there are many ways to fully understand and improve it. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between safe nursing care and working life of nurses in publice hospitals in Rasht in 2020 . Method: This cross – sectional descriptive - correlational study was conducted in which the relationship between the two variables of safe nursing care and quality of  work life in eight public hospitals in Rassht( pur sina, shafa, Velayat, Razi, Dr. Heshmat , Al -Zahra ,17 Shahrivar  and Amir Al -Mochr('39')menin hospital ) and among  250 nurses working in those centers , by Stratified sampling and according to the ratio of  the total number of  nurses in public hospitals in Rasht and then in each of the hospital departments in an accessible way using demographic information questionnaires and questionnaires Quality of work life (QWL) of brooks  nurses (2005)  and Rashvand safe Nursing care questionnaire designed in 2017. brooks questionnaire had 4 dimensions of nurse quality of work life and 42 questions. That includes the dimensions of personal life (with 7 questions), next framework (with 10 questions), the field of work dimension (with 20 questions) and the global dimension of work  (with 5 questions). Each was assigned a score between one and six, So a score of 6 was given for strongly agreeing , and a score of 1 was considered for strongly disagreeing. Scores range from 42 to 252. The reliability coefficient of this  questionnaire was calculated using Cronbachchr('39')s alpha 0.916. Dr. Rasshvand safe nursing care questionnaire has 33 questions and 4 areas , including : nursing skills whit 16  questions, Mental safety whit 4  questions , Physical safety whit 7 questions , team work whit 5 questions and one general question . Scores range from 73 to 356. The Questions have a 5- point Likert scale. The reliability of the questionnaire was calculated using Coronbachchr('39')s alpha 0.96 .   Demographic information and Quality of work life questionnaire was complted by the nurses and Safe Nursing care questionnaire was completed  by the supervisor  supervising  them. Sampling was done from 22 September to 20 October, 2020. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete the questionnaires . The criterion for entering nurses was employment in each of the public hospitals in Rasht and the criterion for leaving was incomplete completion and delivery of questionnaire. At end of the sampling process, 250 questionnaires were collected. To analyze the data in line with the research objectives , descriptive statistics (absolute and relative frequency , mean and standard deviation ) and inferential ststistics ( independent t – test , analysis of variance and Pearson correlation coefficient ) were used. The collected data were analyzed by SPSS software version 21 and the significance level was considered less than 0.05 . Results: The quality of work life most of the nurses (78/8%)  was moderate and in the field of work (58/37­­± 15/74) , the highest and in the global dimension of work (41/92± 18) the lowest average score. Among other spellings , the number of nurses in the field of safe nursing care most of the nurses (94/4%) was good , and in terms of nurses participation with other members, it was higher ( 89/49 ± 13/28)  , and in in terms of performing nursing skills , it was less than other dimensions ( 85/63 ±13/43 ). Safe nursing care had no statistically significant correlation whit quality of work life and none of their dimensions ( r = 0.022 , p= 0.728). None of the demographic varibles had a statistically significant relationship with the quality of work life of the studied nurses. Safe nursing care had a statistically significant relationship with gender ( more in women , p=0/008), marital status ( more in married people  p=0/035) , employment status (more in formal employment , p< 0/001). Age and work experience also had a statistically positive correlation with safe nursing care.(p=0/001). That is, with increasing age and work experience , safe nursing care also increases. Conclusion: Despite the average quality of work life, safe nursing care was good ; However, there was no statistically significant correlation between safe nursing care and quality of working life and none of their dimensions. This finding is probably due to the prevailing professional rules and belifes in nursing work, which  has  made the care provided safe despite related to the quality of work life. Given that the ststistical population is related to public hospitals in Rasht , there is a need for extensive studies on the quality of work life of nurses and safe nursing care in other hospitals , especially in private  hospitals to improve the accuracy of research finding.  

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