Optimal operation of the microgrid in presence of electric vehicles considering demand response



Microgrid is a collection of electric loads, distributed generation units and battery storage operating as a controllable load which is able to supply the local loads. Air pollution due to fossil fueled vehicles increase by faculties development. Besides, shortage in fossil fuels increase the trends into electric vehicles. In this paper, optimal stochastic operation problem of microgrid in presence of electric vehicles and demand response loads is solved with the objectives of operation cost minimization and improving the security indices of the system in an acceptable level of the reliability. Besides, the optimal placement of PEV stations is performed. The proposed problem is formulated as mixed integer linear programming (MILP). Gams software is used as the simulation tool, and a 24-bus test system including a number of DGs, and PEV stations is studied to validate the efficiency of the proposed model.

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Resilient operation scheduling of microgrid using stochastic programming considering demand response and electrical vehicles

Resilient operation of microgrid is an important concept in modern power system. Its goal is to anticipate and limit the risks, and provide appropriate and continuous services under changing conditions. There are many factors that cause the operation mode of micogrid changes between island and grid-connected modes. On the other hand, nowadays, electric vehicles (EVs) are desirable energy storag...

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Operation of multi Carrier microgrid (MCMG) considering demand response

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Optimal Operation of Integrated Energy Systems Considering Demand Response Program

This study presents an optimal framework for the operation of integrated energy systems using demand response programs. The main goal of integrated energy systems is to optimally supply various demands using different energy carriers such as electricity, heating, and cooling. Considering the power market price, this work investigates the effects of multiple energy storage devices and demand res...

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Security Constrained Unit Commitment in the Simultaneous Presence of Demand Response Sources and Electric Vehicles

Due to the ever-growing load, especially peak load, the increase in the capacity of plants is inevitable for the response to this growth. Peak load causes increases in customer costs and vast investments in generating and transmission parts. Therefore, restructuring in the electrical industry, competition in the electrical market and Demand Response Programs (DRPs) are of special importance in ...

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Integrated Scheduling of Electric Vehicles and Demand Response Programs in a Smart Microgrid

Microgrid (MG) is one of the important blocks in the future smart distribution systems. The scheduling pattern of MGs affects distribution system operation. Also, the optimal scheduling of MGs will be result in reliable and economical operation of distribution system. In this paper, an operational planning model of a MG which considers multiple demand response (DR) programs is proposed. In the ...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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