Photophysical Responses of Benzimidazolic and Benzoxazolic HydroxyCoumarin Dyes


  • A. Ashtiani Abdi Department of Organic Colorants, Institute for Color Science and Technology
  • A. Habibi Department of Chemistry, University of Tarbiat moallem
  • F. Nazari Department of Chemistry, University of Tarbiat moallem
  • R. Abbasi Department of Chemistry, University of Tarbiat moallem

We synthesized four novel benzoxazolic and benzimidazolic derivatives of 6-hydroxycoumarin and their photophysical properties were studied. The products with brilliant yellow color shades declared green fluorescence. The emission peaks of the products appeared 456–474 nm. The important characteristic for fluorescent compounds, the Stokes shift νA-νF, oscillator strength f, and fluorescence quantum yield ΦF were measured. Furthermore, their photophysical and electronic properties have been investigated at the theoretical level using density functional theory. Dyeing of nylon fabrics was carried out by the synthesized fluorescent dyes as well. They generally flatten off at dye concentrations of 2-3 owf.

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Green Perylene Bisimide Dyes: Synthesis, Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties

Three asymmetric amino-substituted perylene bisimide dyes with different n-alkyl chain lengths (n = 6, 12, or 18), 1-(N,N-dialkylamino)perylene bisimides (1a-1c), were synthesized under mild condition in high yields and were characterized by ¹H NMR, ¹³C NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), HRMS (High Resolution Mass Spectrometer), UV-Vis and fluorescence spectra, as well as cyclic voltammetry (CV)...

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Boron-pyridyl-imino-isoindoline dyes: facile synthesis and photophysical properties.

The synthesis of boron-pyridyl-imino-isoindoline dyes, a novel type of BODIPY analogue, involves a facile and scalable two-step reaction. Broad envelopes of intense vibrational bands are observed for the main spectral bands in the absorption and emission spectra. High fluorescence quantum yields are obtained in solution, with significant intensity also observed in the solid-state.

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فرهنگ های گوناگون دریافت ها و تعبیر های مختلفی از تناسب و ادب دارند. بنابراین، ارتباط میان فرهنگی خطرات ذاتی خطای ارتباطی را نشان می دهد. این پژوهش به منظور تعیین وقوع انتقال منظورشناختی زبان در زبان بینابینی زبان آموزان ایرانی، اختلاف منظورشناختی زبان را بین فارسی و انگلیسی در کنش های کلامی پاسخ تحسین و انتقاد بررسی می کند.داده ها از میان 33 آمریکایی انگلیسی زبان، 85 زبان آموز ایرانی در سطوح م...

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Synthesis and photophysical properties of pyrene-based green fluorescent dyes: butterfly-shaped architectures.

A few pyrene-based fluorescent compounds were synthesized using Pd/Cu-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction. Photophysical properties of the π-conjugated pyrene derivatives were studied and the results indicate materials with high quantum efficiency and high extinction coefficient. No π stacking was observed in the crystal lattice. The molecules described here may be useful in developing sensors or...

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Photophysical behavior of a homologous series of amphiphilic hemicyanine dyes in thin AOT films

The photophysical behavior of a homologous series of amphiphilic hemicyanines, incorporated in thin films, made by dip-coating glass slides in bis(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate sodium salt (AOT) reverse micellar solutions, has been studied by absorption spectrophotometry and computer simulation techniques. At relatively high dye concentration, a narrow band in the absorption spectrum was observed...

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Benz[c,d]indolium-containing Monomethine Cyanine Dyes: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties.

Asymmetric monomethine cyanines have been extensively used as probes for nucleic acids among other biological systems. Herein we report the synthesis of seven monomethine cyanine dyes that have been successfully prepared with various heterocyclic moieties such as quinoline, benzoxazole, benzothiazole, dimethyl indole, and benz[e]indole adjoining benz[c,d]indol-1-ium, which was found to directly...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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