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Angel Perez-Cruz, Ion Stiharu, Aurelio Dominguez-Gonzalez,

In recent years paper-based microfluidic systems have emerged as versatile tools for developing sensors in different areas. In this work; we report a novel physical sensing principle for the characterization of liquids using a paper-based hygro-mechanical system (PB-HMS). The PB-HMS is formed by the interaction of liquid droplets and paper-based mini-structures such as cantilever beams. The pro...

Journal: :Microbiology 2006
Stanislav Forman, Alexander G Bobrov, Olga Kirillina, Susannah K Craig, Jennifer Abney, Jacqueline D Fetherston, Robert D Perry,

Yersinia pestis biofilm formation causes massive adsorption of haemin or Congo red in vitro as well as colonization and eventual blockage of the flea proventriculus in vivo. This blockage allows effective transmission of plague from some fleas, like the oriental rat flea, to mammals. Four Hms proteins, HmsH, HmsF, HmsR and HmsS, are essential for biofilm formation, with HmsT and HmsP acting as ...

Yaw Ampem Amoako, George Bedu-Addo,

This report describes a case of hyper-reactive malarial splenomegaly in a patient with a thalassaemia syndrome. Increased haemoglobin A2 is valuable for the diagnosis of common forms of β-thalassemia, while haemoglobin F (HbF) helps in diagnosis of the rarer δβ- forms. Thalassemia is characterised by splenomegaly and is common in malaria endemic areas. Hyper-reactive malarial splenomegaly is al...

Michael Sheliga, Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha,

The design of computer systems that incorporate both standardized oo-the-shelf processors, or software, as well as specialized hardware is referred to as hard-ware/software (hw/sw) co-design. This paper studies the problem and presents a system, the Hardware/Multi-Software Co-design (HMS) system, of obtaining the best hw/sw connguration for DSP applications. New algorithms for performing partit...

Journal: :Journal of bacteriology 2004
Robert D Perry, Alexander G Bobrov, Olga Kirillina, Heather A Jones, Lisa Pedersen, Jennifer Abney, Jacqueline D Fetherston,

In Yersinia pestis, the Congo red (and hemin) binding that is characteristic of the Hms+ phenotype occurs at temperatures up to 34 degrees C but not at higher temperatures. Manifestation of the Hms+ phenotype requires at least five proteins (HmsH, -F, -R, -S, and -T) that are organized into two separate operons: hmsHFRS and hmsT. HmsH and HmsF are outer membrane proteins, while HmsR, HmsS, and ...

Andrew Lindridge,

The embodiment of culture in possessions has been widely documented in consumer research. We argue that this process of embodiment is motivated by an emotional experience that remains relatively unexplored in the literature. In this paper we explore how this emotional meaning manifests in the consumption of trauma through three case-studies: HMS Titanic, Elvis Presley and Cadbury’s Wispa bar. A...

Paul Garside, Paul Wyeth,

Marine textiles form a vital part of our cultural heritage. Some extant sails and surviving sail fragments in museum collections are hundreds of years old. The Victory sail, from the early 19th century, was not only subject to the ravages of the marine environment during its working life but has since suffered further deterioration during storage and display. To determine the optimum protocol f...

Journal: :The journal of extra-corporeal technology 2004
Jason Newsome, Kerri Stipanovich, Sarah Flaherty,

A retrospective chart review was conducted of patients who underwent cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) to compare the quantities of heparin administered, postoperative blood loss, and homologous blood products transfused during their procedure and subsequent stay in the intensive care unit. The primary purpose of this review was to determine if any difference in heparin administration resulted when ...

ژورنال: :پژوهشنامه مدیریت حوزه آبخیز 0
فرشاد سلیمانی ساردو, سعید سلطانی کوپایی, علی سلاجقه,

بررسی پتانسیل سیل ­ خیزی حوزه ­ های آبخیز به منظور مکان ­ یابی پروژه ­ های آبخیزداری از اهمیت قابل توجهی برخوردار است به طوری که برای شناسایی مکان ­ هایی با پتانسیل سیل ­ خیزی بالا از شاخص ­ های متفاوتی استفاده می­شود. از مهم ­ ترین و کاربردی ­ ترین شاخص ­ های مورد استفاده در این ارتباط شاخص ­ های و می ­ باشند که بر اساس دبی ­ های اوج استخراج شده از مدل ­ های ریاضی کار می ­ کنند. هدف از این مطا...

ژورنال: :فصلنامه علمی - پژوهشی مهندسی منابع آب 2009
تورج سبزواری, رضا اردکانیان, ابوالفضل شمسایی, علی طالبی,

شبیه بارش – رواناب برای یک حوضه ی آبخیز بدون آمار، امکان برآورد دبی اوج و حجم سیلاب و شبیه سازی آب نگار سیلاب را برای حوضه ی مورد نظر فراهم می کند. در این پژوهش، یک شبیه بارش – رواناب با بکارگیری قابلیت های سامانه ی اطلاعات جغرافیایی(gis) و روش scs و شبیه آبشناسی hec-hms برای حوضه ی آبخیز کسیلیان، واقع در استان مازندران در شمال ایران، ارایه شده است. ابتدا با بکارگیری الحاقیه ی hec-geohms و شبیه...

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