Genetic diversity of Saccharum complex using ISSR markers


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Study of Genetic Diversity among Crataegus Species (Hawthorn) Using ISSR Markers in Iran

Crataegus spp. are used for horticultural and medicinal purposes. The medicinal importance of Crataegus is attributed to components such as flavonoids, procyanidin, aromatic acid, and cardiotonic amines. The genetic relationships among the five Iranian Crataegus species including C. aronia, C. pontica, C. meiery, C. monogyna, and C. pentagyna were assessed using inter simple sequence repeats (IS...

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Evaluation of Genetic Diversity among Some Common Fig Using RAPD and ISSR Molecular Markers

The common fig (Ficus carica L.), one of the most important fruit species, belongs to Moraceae family and is widely distributed in Iran. In this study, genetic variations among some genotypes of common fig collected from six different regions of Ilam province (Iran) were evaluated based on RAPD and ISSR markers. A total of 73 and 29 alleles were produced by 14 RAPD (with their sizes ranging fro...

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Genetic diversity of dog rose (Rosa canina L.) using ISSR markers

Dog Rose is one of the most important species in Rosaceae family used as a medicinal plant and a rootstock for ornamental roses. This species is native to Iran, therefore, identification of indigenous genotypes of this species is important for genetic preservation or breeding purposes. Genetic diversity estimation of plant materials is one of the important pre-breeding activities in breeding cr...

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Evaluation of genetic diversity of Avicenniaceae family in Indian sundarban by using RAPD and ISSR markers

The present investigation was undertaken to describe the relationships among species of Avicenniaceae family which have both economic and medicinal activities, collected in Indian Sundarban by the help of RAPD and ISSR markers. In this study, three different species of Avicennia genus were collected. Frozen young leaves (-200C) were taken to isolate the genomic DNA using a slightly modified CTA...

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Investigation of Genetic Diversity and Structure Analysis of Different Citrus Genotypes Using ISSR Markers

In breeding programs, it is necessary having knowledge of the relatedness and genetic diversity in germplasm pools. The spread of cultivated regions and the high levels of production indicates citrus importance in the global economy. Therefore, 110 citrus genotypes were evaluated using 12 ISSR markers. Overall, 154 polymorphic bands were scored with an average of 12.8 alleles per primer. The po...

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عنوان ژورنال: Genetics and Molecular Research

سال: 2017

ISSN: 1676-5680

DOI: 10.4238/gmr16039788