islamic fasting or the right life style: investigating the biochemical parameters of the body organs


farideh zafari zanganeh the reproductive health research center of valiasr, valiasr hospital, imam khomeini hospital complex, tehran university of medical sciences, tehran, ir iran; the reproductive health research center of valiasr, valiasr hospital, emam khomeini hospital complex, tehran university of medical sciences, tehran, ir iran.


conclusions rectifying the life style is one of the most effective factors on the individuals’ health. an important part in the life style of individuals which is related to fasting is sleeping. early rising, in other words, the optimum time for sleeping is an aspect of fasting and it can be concluded that fasting is meaningful with early rising. sleeping well and having enough time to sleep for having the boosted memory, the powerful immunity system and daily happiness are essential. results the result of this research indicates that fasting in ramadan is efficient for reaching a right pattern in life style, especially when not only islam but also other religions emphasize on fasting. investigating the biochemical parameters and its sufficiency from fasting suggests that balancing the neurotransmitters of brain in fasting persons lead to their tranquility. hence, the effect of fasting on the other chemical parameters leads to the promotion of fasting persons’ health. context the history of anthropology suggests that in the past, the human being fasted to satisfy their gods and request their wishes. fasting is the ritual activity and is of course a unique pray. “he, who is not alike anything”. ramadan has the features regarding its time (descent of quran), worshiping plan, the social effects, individual construction and considering health. evidence acquisition the results of this study suggest that induction of a one-month specific pattern can lead to the body and soul health during a year.

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quran and medicine

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