high frequency of icaad, clumping factors a/b, fib and eno genes in staphylococcus aureus species isolated from wounds in tehran, iran during 2012-2013


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shahin najar peerayeh department of bacteriology, faculty of medical sciences, tarbiat modares university, tehran, ir iran

bita bakhshi department of bacteriology, faculty of medical sciences, tarbiat modares university, tehran, ir iran

mohsen mirzaee department of laboratory sciences, borujerd branch, islamic azad university, borujerd, ir iran


materials and methods this definitive and cross-sectional study was conducted in tehran, iran. a total of 15 s. aureus isolates were collected from wound samples with sterile swabs and were identified by the conventional diagnostic tests. the antibiotic susceptibility pattern was performed according to the clinical and laboratory standards institute (clsi, 2012) protocol. the meca gene, staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec (sccmec) types, agr specific groups and biofilm related genes were detected by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay. results the majority of the isolates were resistant to amoxicillin, tetracycline and erythromycin, but all were susceptible to vancomycin and linezolid. eight (40%) isolates were methicillin resistant and the meca gene was detected in these isolates. the majority of (90%) of mrsa harbored sccmec type iii, and two isolates harbored type v. the majority (70%, n = 14) of the isolates belonged to agr i, followed by agr ii (15%, n = 3), agr iv (10%, n = 2) and agr iii (5%, n = 1). the frequencies of clfab, fnbab, fib, eno, cna, ebps and bbp genes were 100%, 100%, 65% (n = 13), 55% (n = 11), 70% (n = 14), 70% (n = 14), 55% (n = 11), 0% and 0%, respectively. conclusions half of the isolates were mrsa, the majority of which harbored sccmec type iii. moreover, most of s. aureus isolates belonged to agri. the frequency of icaad, clfab, fib and eno genes were high in s. aureus species isolated from wounds. background staphylococcus aureus (s. aureus) isolates have emerged in healthcare and community, and cause a wide spectrum of clinical signs. on the other hand, methicilin-resistant s. aureus (mrsa) isolates can resist a wide range of antibiotics, which can make treatment of infections much more difficult. objectives the current study aimed to determine s. aureus characteristics isolated from wounds.

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