Elaboration on Foreign Language Anxiety in L2 Speaking: A Study of Iranian EFL Learners


  • Narjes Ghafournia Department of English, Neyshabur Branch, Islamic Azad University, Neyshabur, Iran

The study examined language learning anxiety factors, hindering EFL learners’ process of learning, particularly in speaking settings and recommended useful approaches to cope with it. Using the quantitative approach as well as a qualitative semi-structured interview and focus-group discussion method, this study tried to examine the factors behind language anxiety among Iranian language learners both in the classroom and in the social context. 100 TEFL students participated in this study. The language proficiency was measured by TOEFL IBT test to make sure that the students were homogeneous. The findings suggested a variety of approaches to cope with language anxiety. It also revealed that there was a significant relationship between the participants’ language anxiety and their language proficiency. The results of the interviews showed that the teachers had a key role in increasing and decreasing the students’ language anxiety concerning psychosocial linguistic factors. The findings of the study can be helpful for providing some teacher-training courses, teaching language teachers some effective psychological techniques to decrease language learning anxiety factors, improving language learning process.Keywords: language le

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the effect analysis of proficiency on language - switching in iranian efl learners writing

abstract in a protocol analysis of second language writing from 20 adult english as a foreign language (efl) iranian students, this research observed how language-switching (l-s), i.e., first language use in l2 writing, was affected by l2 proficiency. switching interactively between first (l1) and second (l2) languages has been recognized as one of the salient characteristics of l2 writing....

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language learning strategies and vocabulary size of iranian efl learners

learning a second or foreign language requires the manipulation of four main skills, namely, listening, reading, speaking, and writing which lead to effective communication. it is obvious that vocabulary is an indispensible part of any communication, so without a vocabulary, no meaningful communication can take place and meaningful communication relies heavily on vocabulary. one fundamental fac...

a study on the effectiveness of task types (noticing-reformulation) on iranian low intermediate efl learners’ retention of collocations

چکیده پژوهش شبه تجربی حاضر به بررسی بکارگیری تمارین کلاسی که برانگیزنده آگاهی و توجه آگاهانه به همایندها بعنوان بخشی از یک دوره ی مکالمه زبان خارجی در یکی از آموزشگاه های زبان انگلیسی ایران است می پردازد.

critical period effects in foreign language learning:the influence of maturational state on the acquisition of reading,writing, and grammar in english as a foreign language

since the 1960s the age effects on learning both first and second language have been explored by many linguists and applied linguists (e.g lennerberg, 1967; schachter, 1996; long, 1990) and the existence of critical period for language acquisition was found to be a common ground of all these studies. in spite of some common findings, some issues about the impacts of age on acquiring a second or...

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achievement in foreign language learning contex the impacts of teachers self-disclosure on students anxiety, attitude and achievement in fireign language learning context

this study was designed to investigate the impacts of teachers self-disclosure on students foreign language classroom anxiety, attitude to english language learning and their achievement scores at the end of the term. there were 48 female learners of intermediate level. they were not randomly selected. there were one experimental group with 21 students and one control group with 27 students.the...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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اگر عضو سایت هستید لطفا وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید

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