Evaluating the Reproductive and Egg Production Traits of Local Chickens and Their F1 Crosses with RhodeIsland Red and Fayoumi Breeds under Farmers’ Management Conditions


  • A. Melesse School of Animal and Range Sciences, Hawassa University, Hawassa, Ethiopia
  • M. Alewi Debrezeit Agricultural Research Center, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia
  • Y. Teklegiorgis School of Animal and Range Sciences, Hawassa University, Hawassa, Ethiopia
چکیده مقاله:

This study was conducted at Beresa watershed district of Guraghe Administrative Zone, the southern Regional State of Ethiopia to evaluate the on-farm reproductive and egg production performances of local Kei and its F1 crosses with Fayoumi and Rhode Island Red (RIR) chicken breeds under farmers’ management. The local Kei paternal line was mated with maternal lines of Fayoumi and RIR chickens to produce F1-crosses. Twenty-four households were involved in the study who received 10 chicks from each 3 genotypes (total of 720 chicks). Three hay-box brooders fitted with chick-runs were provided to each household in which the three genotypes were reared. Eggs were collected on a daily basis and body weights were measured at 24, 34 and 52 weeks age. The highest egg fertility was observed in Fayoumi-crosses. The hatchability of total egg set and that of fertile eggs was higher for Fayoumi-crosses and local Kei chickens than for RIR-crosses. The Fayoumi (154 days) and RIR-crosses (161 days) reached age of sexual maturity earlier than local Kei chickens (183 days). The RIR-crosses were heavier (P

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evaluating the reproductive and egg production traits of local chickens and their f1 crosses with rhodeisland red and fayoumi breeds under farmers’ management conditions

this study was conducted at beresa watershed district of guraghe administrative zone, the southern regional state of ethiopia to evaluate the on-farm reproductive and egg production performances of local kei and its f1 crosses with fayoumi and rhode island red (rir) chicken breeds under farmers’ management. the local kei paternal line was mated with maternal lines of fayoumi and rir chickens to...

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