David Chinitz

School of Public Health, Hebrew University-Hadassah, Jerusalem, Israel

[ 1 ] - Governance: Blending Bureaucratic Rules with Day to Day Operational Realities; Comment on “Governance, Government, and the Search for New Provider Models”

Richard Saltman and Antonio Duran take up the challenging issue of governance in their article “Governance, Government and the Search for New Provider Models,” and use two case studies of health policy changes in Sweden and Spain to shed light on the subject. In this commentary, I seek to link their conceptualization of governance, especially its interrelated roles at the macro, meso, and micro...

[ 3 ] - On Health Policy and Management (HPAM): Mind the Theory-Policy-Practice Gap

We argue that the field of Health Policy and Management (HPAM) ought to confront the gap between theory, policy, and practice. Although there are perennial efforts to reform healthcare systems, the conceptual barriers are considerable and reflect the theory-policy-practice gap. We highlight four dimensions of the gap: 1) the dominance of microeconomic thinking in health policy analysis and desi...

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