Ali akbar Ansarin

استاد گروه آموزش زبان انگلیسی دانشگاه تبریز

[ 1 ] - The Relationship between Syntactic and Lexical Complexity in Speech Monologues of EFL Learners

: This study aims to explore the relationship between syntactic and lexical complexity and also the relationship between different aspects of lexical complexity. To this end, speech monologs of 35 Iranian high-intermediate learners of English on three different tasks (i.e. argumentation, description, and narration) were analyzed for correlations between one measure of sy...

[ 2 ] - The Role of Post-listening Vocabulary-focused Activities and Multimedia Presentation on Receptive and Productive Vocabulary Development

Designing appropriate materials and activities to enhance vocabulary learning is one of the primary goals of language courses. Among the claims about efficient pedagogical tasks is the Involvement Load Hypothesis (Laufer & Hulstijn, 2001) according to which vocabulary development is contingent on the amount of cognitive process a task involves. Building on the previous research on this hypothes...

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