Ahmadi, Mohammad Reza

English Language Department, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

[ 1 ] - The Effect of Learners’ Motivation on Their Reading Comprehension Skill: A Literature Review

Motivation is one of the neglected parts of English language teaching. Teachers often forget that motivation is the basic part of learners’ English language learning activities. In this sense, learners control the flow of the classroom. Without learners’ motivation, there is no pulse and no life in the class. When learners learn to incorporate direct approaches to generate motivatio...

[ 2 ] - The Impact of Motivation on Reading Comprehension

Motivation is one of the important factors which impacts greatly on language learning. One of the most important factors which receives the special focus in foreign language teaching is reading motivation. More recently, studies on reading motivation have also gained much interest. This review paper is going to consider the impact of reading motivation on reading comprehension. In this paper, t...

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