Gholam reza Rohani

Vali-e-Asr University of Rafsanjan, Rafsanjan, Iran

[ 1 ] - The impact of proactive and reactive focus on form in multimodal settings on EFL learners' comprehension and production of modal auxiliaries

The major objective of this mixed methods research, which considered elements of both quantitative and qualitative research approaches, was to examine the effect of two different types of focus on form instruction, namely proactive and reactive across multimodal vs. traditional input settings on Iranian EFL learners' comprehension and production of modal auxiliaries. The participants of the stu...

[ 2 ] - CAPT and its Effect on English Language Pronunciation Enhancement: Evidence from Bilinguals and Monolinguals

Nowadays there are several challenges for English teachers as well as researchers regarding how to teach foreign language pronunciation more effectively. The current study aimed to explore the effect of computer-assisted pronunciation teaching (CAPT) on Persian monolinguals and Turkmen- Persian and also Baloch- Persian bilinguals’ pronunciation considering production and perception. A sample of...

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