Fahimeh Sadat Kamali

Department of Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, P.O.BOX:1177, Urmia University, Iran.

[ 1 ] - Ameliorative Effect of Crocin on Sperm Parameters and In Vitro Fertilization in Mice under Oxidative Stress Induced by Paraquat

Objective Background and Objectives: Paraquat (PQ) is a herbicide and is genotoxic and cytotoxic poison for male germ cells. Therefore, in this study, the protective role of Crocin (Cr) against the destructive effects of Paraquat on sperm quality and in-vitro fertilization results Paraquat was investigated. MaterialsAndMethods Materials and Methods: Twenty-eight male mice (20-25g) were used in ...

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