B. Zhou

Department of Mathematics, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631, P. R. China

[ 1 ] - On spectral radius of strongly connected digraphs

 It is known that the directed cycle of order $n$ uniquely achieves the minimum spectral radius among all strongly connected digraphs of order $nge 3$. In this paper, among others, we determine the digraphs which achieve the second, the third and the fourth minimum spectral radii respectively among strongly connected digraphs of order $nge 4$.  

[ 2 ] - On reverse degree distance of unicyclic graphs

The reverse degree distance of a connected graph $G$ is defined in discrete mathematical chemistry as [ r (G)=2(n-1)md-sum_{uin V(G)}d_G(u)D_G(u), ] where $n$, $m$ and $d$ are the number of vertices, the number of edges and the diameter of $G$, respectively, $d_G(u)$ is the degree of vertex $u$, $D_G(u)$ is the sum of distance between vertex $u$ and all other vertices of $G$, and $V(G)$ is the...

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