Ahmad Haghbin

Department of Mathematics, Gorgan branch, Islamic Azad University, Gorgan, Iran

[ 1 ] - An application of differential transform method for solving nonlinear optimal control problems

In this paper, we present a capable algorithm for solving a class of nonlinear optimal control problems (OCP's). The approach rest mainly on the differential transform method (DTM) which is one of the approximate methods. The DTM is a powerful and efficient technique for finding solutions of nonlinear equations without the need of a linearization process. Utilizing this approach, the optimal co...

[ 2 ] - Solving time-fractional chemical engineering equations by modified variational iteration method as fixed point iteration method

The variational iteration method(VIM) was extended to find approximate solutions of fractional chemical engineering equations. The Lagrange multipliers of the VIM were not identified explicitly. In this paper we improve the VIM by using concept of fixed point iteration method. Then this method was implemented for solving system of the time fractional chemical engineering equations. The ob...

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