the effect of authentic listening materials on the listening proficiency of efl learners in the intermediate level

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having conducted the experiment and analysed the data, the researcher computed the groups mean scores and variances for the test relating to the research question. as the final atep, a t-test was conodonted for the hypothesis. as noted earlier, the significance level was determined at .05 and .01 respectively. the observed t-value was higher than the critical t-value at. 5 and .01 levels. consequently, the null hypothesis of the study was rejected. this means that the use of authentic listening materials has a significant impact on the efl learners listening comprehension. concerning the second question , the personal observations indicated that it would be highly advisable to expose the learners to short extacts of autheentic listening materials in the beginning stage due to the gigh level of difficultly these materials cointain. but gradually as the learners become familiar with the features of authenticity, and gain listening strategies, there would be no limit on the amount of their use, as long as they conform with the learners interest and needs. since this experiment was conodonted on the learners in the intermediare level, the authentic materials should be be used after the fl learners have gained average command of english. althogh the learners has become a little frustrated in the beginning little by little, interest, eagerness and curiosity replaced their first negative reactions. the learners gradually feit they were more involved in the process of language learning by listening to the authentic materials. they watched the films and listened to the news with more interest because it was not only the language which was considered to be important. moreover, the learners were eager to know more about the culture and social norms of the foreign language they were trying to learn. all these findings indicate that as long as the materials are socially and economically appropriate and conform with the learners interest, there would be no limit for their use in the classroom. moreover, it is the instructors attitude and methodology which can cause any cultureral impression on the learners.

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