the search for the self in becketts theatre: waiting for godot and endgame

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this thesis is based upon the works of samuel beckett. one of the greatest writers of contemporary literature. here, i have tried to focus on one of the main themes in becketts works: the search for the real "me" or the real self, which is not only a problem to be solved for beckett man but also for each of us. i have tried to show becketts techniques in approaching this unattainable goal, based on two of his plays: waiting for godot and endgame. i believe this study as well as any other work on beckett is not only the story of the characters involved but our own and ourselves are the real centre of the book and if i have been successful in conveying just a small part of this feeling, i shall be grateful.

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passivity in waiting for godot and endgame: a psychoanalytic reading

this study intends to investigate samuel beckett’s waiting for godot and endgame under the lacanian psychoanalysis. it begins by explaining the most important concepts of lacanian psychoanalysis. the beckettian characters are studied regarding their state of unconscious, and not the state of consciousness as is common in most beckett studies. according to lacan, language plays the sole role in ...

research on waiting for godot and endgame

twentieth century french theatre has strongly been affected by world wars i and ii, obviously resulting in a change of existing dramatic principles. samuel beckett well known innovator in the field of the avant-garde, probed the theatre with a naked form and far from conventional regulations and dramatic arrangements. beckett's theatre is known as the beginning of the new method in writing...

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the test for adverse selection in life insurance market: the case of mellat insurance company

انتخاب نامساعد یکی از مشکلات اساسی در صنعت بیمه است. که ابتدا در سال 1960، توسط روتشیلد واستیگلیتز مورد بحث ومطالعه قرار گرفت ازآن موقع تاکنون بسیاری از پژوهشگران مدل های مختلفی را برای تجزیه و تحلیل تقاضا برای صنعت بیمه عمر که تماما ناشی از عدم قطعیت در این صنعت میباشد انجام داده اند .وهدف از آن پیدا کردن شرایطی است که تحت آن شرایط انتخاب یا کنار گذاشتن یک بیمه گزار به نفع و یا زیان شرکت بیمه ...

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this study investigates the cohesive devices used in the textbook of english for the students of psychology. the research questions and hypotheses in the present study are based on what frequency and distribution of grammatical and lexical cohesive devices are. then, to answer the questions all grammatical and lexical cohesive devices in reading comprehension passages from 6 units of 21units th...

Traces of Greek Mythology in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot

This study addresses Samuel Beckett’s most celebrated play, Waiting for Godot, in an effort to analyze its characters from a novel perspective. Since Greek mythology has been undisputedly influential on Western culture and literature, the researcher attempts to investigate a connection between Greek mythology and the play. This study aims to reveal that even after more than fifty seven years of...

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the algorithm for solving the inverse numerical range problem

برد عددی ماتریس مربعی a را با w(a) نشان داده و به این صورت تعریف می کنیم w(a)={x8ax:x ?s1} ، که در آن s1 گوی واحد است. در سال 2009، راسل کاردن مساله برد عددی معکوس را به این صورت مطرح کرده است : برای نقطه z?w(a)، بردار x?s1 را به گونه ای می یابیم که z=x*ax، در این پایان نامه ، الگوریتمی برای حل مساله برد عددی معکوس ارانه می دهیم.

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