‏‎a phonological contrastive analysis of kurdish and english‎‏

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deposite the different criticisms on contrastive analysis it has been proved that the results of it(when processed)can be usuful in a tefl environment,specially at the level of phonology.this study is an attempt to compare and contrast the sound systems of kurdish and english for pedagogical aims. the consonants,vowels,stress and intonation of the twolanguages are described by the same model-taxonomic phonology-and then compared and contrasted for finding the potential areas of difficulty and problem while teaching english to kurdish speaking students.fourty four phonemes of bbc english has been described and compared with the thirty eight phonemes of sorani kurdish . phonetic details have been elaborated on only when they have a pedagogical importance. the results have been summarized in tables. the stress of the two languages also have been studied at the levels of words,compounds and sentences. the nature and function of stress and its differences in the two languages have been surveyed.intonation in english and kurdish also have been studied within the same model.all the results have been analysed and categorized for the purpose of teaching english as a foreign language to kurdish speakers.

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a contrastive analysis of concord and head parameter in english and azerbaijani

این پایان نامه به بررسی و مقایسه دو موضوع مطابقه میان فعل و فاعل (از نظر شخص و مشار) و هسته عبارت در دو زبان انگلیسی و آذربایجانی می پردازد. اول رابطه دستوری مطابقه مورد بررسی قرار می گیرد. مطابقه به این معناست که فعل مفرد به همراه فاعل مفرد و فعل جمع به همراه فاعل جمع می آید. در انگلیسی تمام افعال، بجز فعل بودن (to be) از نظر شمار با فاعلشان فقط در سوم شخص مفرد و در زمان حال مطابقت نشان میدهند...

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کارشناسان "بررسی مقابله ای نوشتار" در زبان های مختلف بر این باورند که زبان و فرهنگ مبدأ بر نحوه ی نگارش نویسندگان در زبان دوم تاثیر گذار است. درخواست نامه های شغلی نیز از این قاعده مستثنا نیستند. بر پایه ی اصول بررسی "ژانر" یا "نوع" قادر خواهیم بود به بینشی در زمینه ی یک "ژانر" یا "نوع" خاص مانند درخواست نامه های شغلی دست یابیم. علیرغم مطالعات متعدد در زمینه ی جنبه های گوناگون "بررسی نوع" و ...

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a contrastive pragmatic study of gratitude strategies of english and persian speakers

this study investigates the strategies native english and persian speakers employ for expressing gratitude in different situations. the strategies of persian efl learners are also compared with english strategies in order to find the differences that may exist between these two languages. social status and size of imposition of the favor are social variables which are investigated in detail for...

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the speech act of disagreement has been one of the speech acts that has received the least attention in the field of pragmatics. this study investigates the ways power relations, social distance, formality of the context, gender, and language proficiency (for efl learners) influence disagreement and politeness strategies. the participants of the study were 200 male and female native persian s...

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A Contrastive Analysis of Sports Headlines in Two English Newspapers

It holds true that a flourishing fieldof Contrastive Rhetoric (CR) research has begun to address theway various text types and/or genres may differ across culturesand languages (Corner, 1996).  Very much in line withthis development, this study was an attempt to characterizethe linguistic structures of headlines in the sports section of 2 English newspapers: one non-Iranian (The Times) and one ...

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to explore the idea the investingation proposed, aimed at finding whether the performances of the population of iranians students studying english in an efl context are consistent in l1 and l2 writing taks and whether there is a cross-linguistic transfer in this respect. in this regard the subjects were instructed to write four compositions-two in english and two in farsi-which consisted of an ...

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