the effect analysis of proficiency on language - switching in iranian efl learners writing

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abstract in a protocol analysis of second language writing from 20 adult english as a foreign language (efl) iranian students, this research observed how language-switching (l-s), i.e., first language use in l2 writing, was affected by l2 proficiency. switching interactively between first (l1) and second (l2) languages has been recognized as one of the salient characteristics of l2 writing. however, it is not clear how switching between languages is related to l2 proficiency or how switching to the l1 assists writers with differing l2 proficiency in their composing processes. the present study investigated these issues with twenty adult persian-speaking english as foreign language (efl) learners with two levels of proficiency in performing a writing task: an informal personal letter. data were the students think-aloud protocols and written compositions. quantitative and qualitative analyses of these data show that the participants frequencies of language-switching varied slightly by their l2 proficiency, suggesting that l2 proficiency might determine writers’ approaches and qualities of thinking while composing in their l2.

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چکیده مهارت نوشتار یکی از مهمترین مهارتهای فرآیند یادگیری و تدریس زبان برای زبان آموزان و مدرسین می باشد. در تحقیق حاضر، تاثیر آموزش نشانه های فراکلام روی مهارت نوشتار متقاعدکننده زبان آموزان سطح متوسط ایرانی مورد بررسی قرار گرفت. این تحقیق 40 زبان آموز داشت که توسط آزمون نوشتار تافل(2005) همسان سازی شدند و سپس به دو گروه آموزشی و خطا تقسیم شدند. در ابتدای پژوهش معیارهای نوشتار متقاعدکننده به ...

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having conducted the experiment and analysed the data, the researcher computed the groups mean scores and variances for the test relating to the research question. as the final atep, a t-test was conodonted for the hypothesis. as noted earlier, the significance level was determined at .05 and .01 respectively. the observed t-value was higher than the critical t-value at. 5 and .01 levels. conse...

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